Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buy Now or Save? (Arena Points)

(Cross posted from my guild forums)

Situation is as follows:

I've been saving up for the Merciless Gladiator's Gavel. This is the 2nd best Tankadin Weapon in the game. It's got more spell damage on it than I have in my entire gearset.

I have been waiting for Season 3, so I can get it at a reduced price. I'm currently sitting on 4300 Arena points. I get about 300 a week, which means that in 2-3 weeks I will have more points than I can carry over. You can only carry over 5000 points.

So should I go ahead and purchase the mace now and pay the higher price? I'm going to "lose" the points I'd save anyway because I don't think we are just 2-3 weeks from Season 3. Even if 2.3 comes out in that time frame they need to do the end of Season 2 finals before they can begin Season 3.


Galoheart said...

I keep reading about that weapon. Finally looked it up just now...NICE! Lots of tasty spell damage. Thanks for pointing that out.

Man i really hate to PVP it give me headaches. I'm wondering what i may have to do to slip my hands around it?

Jon said...

About my previous comment, I hadn't realized the 2.3 PTR went up just today. But yes, it'll easily be on the PTR for months.

Raydz said...

What if you bought something that you could use for pvp and is cheap? such as the tier 2 gloves for 1200 points and then still have enough for your gavel?

Honors Code said...


I have the S2 Gloves and the S2 Shoulders.

The Shield, Legs, Helm and Chest are all 1875.

Honors Code said...


I'll do a post soon on Protection PVP, with a emphasis on Arena. You can get it's baby brother, the Gladiator's Gavel from the Honor System once Season 3 is here.

Galoheart said...

Will look forward to the blog Post on Protection PVP whenever you do.