Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That's All Folks

Last night I went back in with Mal Katai to Karazhan. It was me (Tankadin), Dora (Holy Priest), Celoria (Resto Druid), Stdbaker (Marksman Hunter), Melevolence (Fury Warrior), Sneakyfeet (Rogue), Raistalin (Mage),Vladrin (Warlock), and Snowson (Feral Druid). I've got a screen shot of the group at home so I can get the names right.

We decided to do Illhoof since he was close by. I kept looking at KTM Threat Meter all during this fight. At points I was hitting 1500 TPS, staying ahead of the Warlock's 1300 TPS. It was really a cool moment. I remember thinking, "Is this right?" But it was. Paladin AoE for the win, lol.

More healing gear dropped.
Next up was Netherspite. I had done a bit of reading on the encounter since my unsuccessful attempts. I did a much better job using the Red Beam. A couple of times, the phase would end and I would not be over 25 stacks. 30 stacks is when you start getting the negative effects of the debuff.

The part that I was messing up was the trasition between the Banish Phase and the Portal Phase. Netherspite comes out of being banished, but the portals are not up yet. There is not red beam at this point, so he uses a normal aggro table.

What I have to do is get on him fast. A couple of seconds before he comes out of banish, I dropped a Consecrate, and started working up a stack of Seal of Vengence. He comes out of banish, consecrate ticks, Vengence ticks, I judge and exorcise. I got him back 2 of the 3 transitions right away. He went after a warlock briefly during the other, but I was able to get him back.

Things were so crazy that we were communciating instructions for the next phase over vent when he died.

"Okay, here's what we need to do...oh wait, he died."

Oh yeah, more healing gear.

Only one boss remained standing in all of Kara, Prince Malchezaar. We buff up and get ready to go. First thing that goes wrong is we lose a couple of DPSers to Infernals. Then I mix up my left and right and move him the wrong way. If you've never tanked Prince, I don't think you can appreciate how little your tank can actually see. You are backed up to a wall so your camera is halfway through your body. Prince's ankles take up a chunk of your screen, and there a million explosions, flashes and other effects going on around him. It's pretty hard to see.

We got lousy lousy drops and wiped the first time.

We regrouped and got ready to try again. I used everything I had, Dawnstone Crab, Ironshields, Fort Elixirs, everything. Celoria was kind enough to supply me with a Nightmare Seed which I used during the enrage.

We got him down. Healer loot and Mage, Warlock, Hunter token which went to Stdbker.

I have now completed every boss in Karazhan. That's a wrap, Karazhan Complete.

Oh, but not so fast. There is still a bunch of upgrades I still need from Kara. The random loot system really stinks some days. I could have gotten every upgrade I needed this week or I could have gotten 0, that's just the way it works.

This seems to be my pattern lately. No loot for what feels like weeks on end, then a couple of drops. Here's hoping my dry spell will come to an end soon.

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Raydz said...

Man i just dont understand whats wrong, i get stuff every week i go. =P