Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1 Shot!

Last night, Mal Katai went into Gruul's Lair. When invites went out, I was in a group with some old buddies from Heroes doing dalilies. I told MK what I was doing. I guess they misunderstood and thought I had saved myself to Heroes raid. I got that cleared.

We got organized and zone in. We one shot the High King. We plowed on through the trash and got ready to pull Grrul himself.

I was again in my now familiar offtank role. The fight was going really well to about 50%. Then I got caught in a Cave In. I moved. I was either still in the Cave In or in another one. I moved again. I litterally felt like I was running in a circle around Gruul. My cooldown management went out the window. At one point I slipped out of melee range and Raydz took a Hurtful. We recovered from that, but I was hurting for mana. I threw everything I could at Gruul. Tralic had all melee including Raydz back out and I got back into 2nd place.

Then Lanorah goes down. I heard Dora call for healing on me but I realized the switch too late and Gruul nailed before I could get Holy Shield up.


Raydz jumps on him and Tralic goes bear and the healers all cast Prayer of Dodge on Tralic.

Our DPS, which was truly amazing that night kept banging away. Gruul's health whittled down and down.

Tralic goes down. Raydz goes down. Gruul's at one percent and starts rampaging through the Raid. People DoT and run. The Paladins pop their bubbles and start Hammer of Wrath and Holy Shocking like made.

6 people left.

5.......4........3! people left.

And down the big boy goes!!!! 3 people left standing. It was either a Deadly Poision tick or a Holy Shock from Pylar, but Gruul bit the dust!

There was much cheering over vent, the likes of which I haven't heard since we killed him the first time.

2 pulls, 2 dead bosses.

The raid was over fairly quickly. Some folks went to get in their Arena games. About 11 of us, decided to go to Serpentshrine Caverns. We rode the elevator system, which was very cool, and just took a look around. Aerlion died to the elevator. SSC is so hard even the enviroment tries to kill you.

We could see Hydross the Unstable from the little platform where we stopped. We didn't have enough to do any pulls, but that didnt' stop us.

The first pull is a Beast Tamer with 2 pets and 2 Hate Screamers. Lan and I pulled and we wiped. We did find out that the pets can be sheeped and the Hate Screamers have a silence (boo!).

It was totally cool being in a new zone even if we didn't kill anything. That was the best 8g I've spent since I bought the mats to my Flying Machine.

I went and did a little Mote farming when Raydz called for Arenas. I did 5 games with his 3v3 and all 10 with his 5v5. We went 6-4 in the 3s and 7-3 in the 5s. Raydz is an amazing Warrior. This guy goes from awesome tank to wrecking ball DPS. It had been a couple of weeks since I had done Arenas so I was rusty.

In a couple of matches, the other teams Rogue would try to attack me. It usually takes them a little while to figure out they are killing themselves on my Holy Shield. Thanks to the buff to Healers in 2.3, in my Healing gear, my Holy Shield hits for about 215. Each attack (Mainhand and Offhand) has the possibility of being blocked, so I can do about 1600 damage pretty quick to Mr. Rogue.

My favorite match of the night was a 3v3 that came down to me and a Warrior. We were already pretty hurt and both under 20%. I knew from my playing time on Rabbitslayer that I was about to eat an Execute.



GAME OVER, Warrior!!!

I raided, I farmed, I PVPed. Quite a night. I don't know if you can tell, but I had a lot of fun last night.

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Doyce said...

I'm really curious, as a dwarven tanking pally closing in on level 50, how you maintain the second aggro spot on Gruul for the hurtfuls. Granted, I don't have all the tools that you do, but I sometimes have trouble just holding aggro period, let alone holding aggro when I'm not the one getting pounded on.

Care to go over the secrets of a pally off-tank?