Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

I've noticed, even on my server, more and more Paladins running around Shattrah with tanking gear. That's awesome.

As much as I know you enjoy the stories of Honorshammer adventures in Outland, I'd like to see my Blog become a greater resource for new and aspiring Paladin Tanks. I'd love to do more posts like my recent "Questable Tankadin Weapons" and "How to Off Tank Gruul"

My problem is, I've been doing the Paladin tank thing since before the Dark Portal opened. I spec'ed Prot immediately after the 2.0 (last preBC) patch came out. I had recently transfered over to Altar of Storms and joined Heroes Inc. I started out tanking in Upper Black Rock Spire.

I say that to say that I don't really know or remember what the top 5 or 10 questions a new or aspiring Paladin tank might have.

So if you have suggestions for topics, questions feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at the link to your left.


Galoheart said...

Just keep on keeping on. You do a good job at it.

I know i don't know everything and i'm fine with that. Life is constant learning so is playing WoW. I like to learn things inbetween the lines of other people doing stuff. Often its also when your faced with situations that force you to learn something or something new or a new trick. At that point you will always remember things then as a result.

Nibuca said...

How much defense do I get from a piece of armor?
What is 490 defense?
Why do I pally-tank-wannabe need 490 defense?
What's 102.4%?
How do I get it?

What skills should I be using during a normal boss fight? In what order?
How do you get to the end of the fight without completely running out of mana?
How do you recommend that I pally-tank-wannabe handle tanking BOSSX (Epoch, the BM end-boss, Curator, that stupid spell cast-lengthening boss in Sethekk Halls, etc)?
I don't have badges yet, which libram for tanking?
Difference between Block Value and Block Rating?
Dodge or block? which should I favor?
My DPS sucks, I can't kill anything in less than 1 min. Strategies for soloing and dailies. Do you switch gears for dailies or do you just tank it?
The prot tree is bloated.. which talents do you recommend I skip.. and why?
When does redoubt become useless?

Holy Paladin ;)

Galoheart said...

I know nibuca knows the answer to all those, she's much smarter than me LOL :)

Takes me sometimes a min to kill stuff LOL. I strategically go out my way to pull extra mob on every fight if I can as long as it don't have mana. When I was in the netherwing mines airing 10+ Flayer mobs at a time as the hit very fast shining my shield I noticed something. Reckoning barely proc in my tanking gear and I did just fine without it. When it did proc it was usefull but when it didn't I noticed it wasn't missed. What I also noticed was redoubt hardly ever proc which was even less than my 4/5 in reckoning and even that I hardly missed when it too.

While in the mines I was looking at combat log and someone else was in the mines consecrating, wasnt me. However their consecrations were ticking for just about 156 a tick. I thought for a sec, wait a min my consecrations don't even tick that much and maybe could get close to that but not quite with JoC and Avenging Wrath going. I stopped to look and see who it was doing that much DPS consecrating. Turns out it was a Holy Paladin. Dang! I said to my self that aren't right.