Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fishie Chowder

Dis is how we make da Fishie Chowder.

First we take our ingredients:
3 Rogues, extra sharp
4 Mages, sheared
3 Priest, 2 light and 1 dark
2 Warlocks, extra dark
3 Hunters, frozen
3 Warriors, toughened
2 Druids, fury and 1 druid, leafy
5 Paladins, light and 1 Paladin toughened

Combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Take 1 Warrior and beat on him constantly until well smoothed.

Add in 1 Extra Large Fish.

Fry, Freeze, Stab, Slice, Shoot and Drain Life well until Fish is a golden brown and quite dead.

Serve extra cold with purples.

1 comment:

Galoheart said...

Gratz on Lurker. The fishy humor is just as funny.

Getting to see those instances seem like sooo far ahead to get to when I look at the fact that in just over a week I be starting Kara.

I guess their are implications to the choices we make whether try and join a more progressive guild or joining a smaller starter guild starting raiding. Either way both choices affects our destination as well as the people we play with and the content we see.