Monday, February 25, 2008

Slow Weekend

My WoW weekend was fairly uneventful. Friday night, our progression Tempest Keep was cancelled. We had enough people online, just not our “core” people, so instead of risking a wipefest, the raid leaders simply called the raid.

I didn’t log on Saturday night at all.

Over the weekend, we had a new Tankadin apply to Mal Katai. When he applied, I went and pulled him up on the Armory. Basically, this guy had been Ret for leveling and didn’t have much tanking gear at all. His gear was still primarily Ret. His spec was a Holy/Port Hybrid. He was both crittable and crushable.

All throughout his application, he talked about wanting to progress and tank. I had to level with the guy, he just wasn’t ready to tank, well anything.

What was in my heart of hearts was to help him. Apparently, my honest appraisal came off a little harsh. So I offered to help him in anyway I could. I linked him to Tankadin 101 and to the MainTankadin boards.

One nice result of the discussion I had with him on the boards, was that I got a really nice compliment from our Raid Leader.

“Honors takes tanking down to the 0.000001 % which is why he is such a good tank...knows his [stuff] imo:P”

He has since joined the guild and made strides in his tanking gear and spec. I actually ran into him outside SSC. He was getting an Heroic UB run going. We had had trouble all night with Horde at the stone so I came out of SSC in my PVP (Healing) gear. I quickly switched to my tanking suit once the stone was clear. But yeah, the uber Tankadin, and the first time he sees me, I'm dressed as a Healbot.

We did manage to finally put a Raid together on Sunday night, although the final 6 or 7 spots were very difficult to fill.

We went back to the “farm” bosses in SSC. We took the opposite approach from Friday night and filled the raid.

Hydross was going well until my Judgment got resisted on a phase change. I tried to shield toss him, but it was too late. I had lost him and he was over the line. Our second attempt was doomed when I got killed just as we were making the transition. I got a Battlerez, but it was so close to the next transition, I didn’t really have time to pick him up.

It took about 3 attempts to get this “farm” boss down. The “I gotta go” chorus started up and we began to swap people in and out.

We cleared trash to Lurker and setup for him. I have limited visibility during the fight. I can basically only see what’s happening on my island and the add that I have to tank. Unlike our previous Lurker attempts, I never lost aggro on my add which I was quite pleased with. It looked like we were losing people to his Spout, how I’m not sure.

Basically, people were just not paying attention. Our final attempt we had two people afk. We wiped twice on Lurker and our GM called it.

We had a heated talk about the need to recruit Raiders. We don’t have enough in Mal Katai. We can’t kick people from Raids for repeated mistakes, and we can’t take a team of dedicated Raiders. Why? It’s simply because we lack the people.

I really enjoy gaming with the guys in Mal Katai, but I’m seriously starting to question if this is the guild I need to be in. I just feel like I take raiding much more seriously than most of my guild. Although to be fair, there is a group within MK who take it seriously as well.

I know Mal Katai is a “casual” guild. I have no problem with that. To me, that is a measure or expression of how much time you raid. Mal Katai shoots for 3 nights a week. That’s fairly “casual”. You can be casual and still be serious inside your raids. You don’t have to have your raids to be boot camps, but at least requiring everyone to be on vent is not too much to ask.

BRK summed it up well “Fun is fun and Work is work. Raids are both. Treat it as such.”

I know some of the people who read my blog are in my guild. I'm not trying to make this sound like a threat. I'd love nothing more than for things to improve dramatically this upcoming week. No canceled raids, farm bosses down in 1 attempt. New bosses attempted.

I really don't want to leave my guild, I'm just not sure what to do.
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