Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Mal Katai went into Serpentshrine Cavern this weekend with one thought on our collective minds, Morogrim Tidewalker.

Tidewalker is a fight that I've been wanting to do since i first saw Lore's video on MainTankadin many months ago. The fight involves a pack of rabid Murlocs who much be controled and AoE'ed down. There are 12 murlocs in all, 6 from the north and 6 from the south.

I felt pretty good about my chances to round up 6, but then I had read about a strat where I could pick up all 12.

The strat called for me to heal a Warlock. Warlocks have a self buff called Fel Armor which increases healing taken. With that and Blessing of Light, the idea was that I could get healing aggro on the Warlocks, thereby controlling them rather easily.

On a couple of attempts this worked well. Other times it did not. The southern pack seemed to be no issue getting a hold of, but the northern pack was much harder to wrangle. I don't know if it was a line of sight issue or what but only 1 or 2 attempts did I get all 12 on me. I think I'm going to need the Warlocks to lifetap so I can get more healing aggro on the Murlocs.

A couple of times, I got Watery Tombed right as the Murlocs were spawning which made a pickup difficult.

We eventually went with the idea of having a Druid and Warrior help gather up the north pack.
Our main problem seems to be keeping up our Tank. We tried 2 different Warriors, and a Druid.
We couldn't keep any of them upright for any length of time. There is something to the way Tidewalker attacks that eats through a Warrior's Shield Block and opens him up for Crushing Blows.
We plan to go back tonight and kill Hydross and Lurker and see if we have time for Tidewalker again.
We are in the difficult stage for this fight, but we feel confident that we will get it figured out. Our best attempt was 59% and that was with one of our healers disconnecting mid attempt.
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