Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Best Laid Plans

You know you've been blogging too long when you have to go back through your old posts and make sure you haven't used the same title before.
Last night was SSC night for Mal Katai. 1 shot our Farm Bosses (Hydross, Lurker) and maybe get Tidewalker down for the 2nd time.
Well, that's how it was supposed to go.
Add control was a constant issue. We were using 4 tanks. Brindall (Warrior)on Nature, your humble author on Frost, Blankz (Feral) and Lanorah (Warrior) on adds. I'm not sure if Blankz had been an add tank previously or not. He was trying to use Demo roar to pick up his adds, but it wasn't working. After some discussion, we got that worked out. He would Mangle one, taunt one, and swipe spam.
Our first attempt was foiled when the adds went and destroyed our healers.
Our second attempt wiped when one of the mages (who wasn't on vent) pulled aggro on a transition. This mage uses a Mac which apparently Vent doesn't like. Our Raid Leader was spamming a Raid Warning of STOP DPS! yet there flew the arcane missiles to Hydross as we transitioned him.
I wonder how other guilds handle Mac users. My opinion was that he should not have been in the raid, if he couldn't have been on vent.
Also our Raid seems to be very dependant on Dora (our incredible Raid Leader) verbally telling people when to stop refreshing their DoTs and to stop all DPS.
Our third attempt we seem to get the add control down, but I could see we are behind the enrage timer. We haven't had an issue with the enrage timer since our first kill.
As the fight progressed, I could tell we weren't going to beat the enrage timer. My hope was that we'd at least be in Nature (Brindall's) phase when the Enrage hit so he could Last Stand and Shield Wall. No such luck.
Hydross hit enrage at Mark#2 in Frost form with 8% life left. Dora called for spam heals on me. At Mark #4, I popped my Scarab of Displacement to try to increase my parry and dodge, and kept one finger hovering over my Lay On Hands button.
The seconds seemed to take minutes as Hydross health slowly, slowly ticked away, and my health yo-yo'ed between full and nigh dead.
34s into the Enrage timer Hydross went down. I got a couple of "nice tanking" comments, but what they should have said was "wow, incredible healing."
It's been over a month since we did a proper 1 shot of our "farm" bosses. Is it possible for a boss to come off "farm' status? Sure seems like it.
We have gotten 2 Progression Kills in the past month, Tidewalker, and DoomWalker, but last nights performance gives me great concern over our planned TK raids this weekend.
I've started gathering some mats for a new Frost Resist set and to sort of pay Mal Katai back for the Frost Resist gear they've given me. I wonder if I wouldn't be better to pick up the Adds in a mix Nature/Frost set with Consecration, Judgement and Avengers Shield. Plus, if one add gets loose, I can Righteous Defense and pull it back in without have to chase it too much.
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