Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once More Into The Battle

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volley'd & thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred

Dominion has been back at it again this week.

Even with a couple of new faces in the raid, we did another fantastic one night clear of Mount Hyjal. I picked up the plate bracers off of Rage Winterchill for my Ret set. All of the Warriors in the raid already had them.

We had another Hard Heart drop off of Kaz’rogal. It went to one of our Holy Paladins. I think that's about our the fifth for the guild. May Illidan be as gracious with Shields when we reach him.

Azgalor was more interesting than usual when I got picked for Doom. We use the phrase “pick so and so up” to tell Druids to Battlerez. Well, when I got doomed, the Raid Leader told our Feral to pick me up. Actually, she said pick up the Doomguard I would spawn, but in the chaos of vent, that’s what he heard. Of course, halfway through his Rebirth cast, I used my Soulstone.

Despite the confusion, none of the Doomguards made it to our healers, and we still were able to one shot the boss. The trash waves that once made us cringe are now handled with relative ease.

I stepped out for Archimonde once again. The raid was so light on dispels we needed to bring the Raid Leaders newly leveled Mage to help out. I didn’t want to respect Holy since I was going to raid as Prot the next night.

Because of some real life stuff that I won’t go into, I wasn’t going to be able to raid Thursday, so I got online Wednesday instead.

We pulled to Najentus when something most unexpected happened. My Raid Leader had the tanks roll to see who got to tank Najentus. I lost the roll, but the tank that won deferred to me. So I was going to get another chance against Najentus.

From a tanking perspective, Najentus isn’t a difficult fight. It’s basically a stand there and keep your threat rotations going.

It took two times to kill Najentus because I died on the first attempt. I checked my combat log and I hadn’t let a crush through, in fact I had dodged the last two attacks.

It was a combination of the frost AoE plus the shield break, plus a normal melee that got me. I felt terrible for dying. I know it's a team effort between me and the healers, but I feel like I let them down when I died.

Then I got a whisper from one of the officers complimenting me on my tanking. Man, that felt good.

We pulled again. What was crazy to me is that the second time around, I was having a much harder time keeping threat. First, a Hunter had to Feign Death, then a Mage had to use Invisibility, and finally a Rogue had to Vanish. I didn’t have that much trouble on the first attempt. I know I did basically the same thing both attempts.

I check the report tool at This is a site takes a WWS report and spits out your TPS. The first attempt I did 797 TPS. The second attempt I did 634 TPS. Either WWS bugged out or I forgot to consecrate during the second attempt. I have a hard time believing I didn’t Consecrate at all that attempt, but it’s hard to dispute the WWS and it would explain the threat problems. Consecrate accounts for a good chunk of my threat. I simply can’t believe I didn’t use it.

We one shot Supremus, and then went to Reliquary of Souls. I was again on tap for Phase 3, and it went off without a hitch. I waited until the first Soul Scream to pop all my trinkets, so it was touch and go on threat at first, but once I let my cooldowns and trinkets go, I was set on threat.

We one shot RoS, and it’s only our second kill. It’s amazing how a boss can go from difficult to one shot that quickly.

We finished our evening with Shade of Akama.

The night was very fun, and everyone in our raid is doing an amazing job.

I do have a quick favor to ask. If any of the more progressed Tankadins read the blog, could you comment on whether or not Spell Warding effects the damage from the Flames on Illidan?


Josh said...

RE: Spell Warding
Pretty sure it effects Flame of Azzinoth damage.

Joanadark said...

Spell Warding DOES work on Flame Damage.
Its noticable.

Josh said...

Oh, and also Honors - thanks for forwarding me that quote from Ghostcrawler! I sent it along to Rohan as well.