Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Th-Th-That's All Folks

Last night Dominion called a halt to all Raiding activities until we are level 80 in the Expansion.

We had wanted to take one more good shot at clearing Black Temple before Patch 3.0 hit.

Someone said it felt like the last day of school, and for me that wasn't that far off. A couple of people informed us they were going to app to a Sunwell Guild offserver. I can't imagine there are a lot of guilds still raiding, but you never know.

Agamegnome announced he was taking a break from the game and wasn't sure when or if he'd be back. I was sad to see him go. Aga was the guy who recommended me to Dominion when there previous Paladin tank had decided to leave the game for AoC, and one of the people I felt closest to in Dominion.

For me, I'm disappointed we didn't kill Illidan, but we did get to him and I did get to fight him. I got further in Burning Crusade than I did in Vanilla WoW so I guess I can be happy about that.

It will be nice to have the pressure to be online by 8pm removed. It will be nice to take some nights off unannounced. It will be nice to getting back to running some 5 mans.

In fact, after the big guild meeting where our Raid Leader informed us we were done, I was asked to tank a Heroic Magister's Terrace. This had to have been the fastest Heroic Magisters run I'd ever been in. The main goal was to get one of our Shamans a shot at The Shard of Contempt for her Enhancement set.

A Vial of the Sunwell dropped instead. I rolled on it but lost the roll to a Shadow Priest. I don't anticipate I'll be doing much healing anymore, and I certainly don't see a day where I will have more than a token 5 points in the Holy tree.

It's statements like that, that make me wonder if I really should have rolled a Warrior instead of a Paladin. I really like playing my Paladin, and I love the lore and mystique of the class. Plus, I've got so much history with my Paladin. My Warrior isn't even level 60 yet. He's exalted with no one. Especially now with Achievements in the game, I'd be basically starting over.

I'd love to say I'm done collecting Holy gear, but I know at some point, we will hit a fight that only calls for one or two tanks. When that happened in Burning Crusade (Vashj, Archimonde), it was spec Holy or sit out. I don't look forward to having to make that choice again in Wrath.
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