Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ding 78!!

I continued to explore and quest through Grizzly Hills. First on my agenda was my big meeting with Loken. It wasn't the big reveal I had been hoping for, but the guy seems to be in awful hurry. Bad guys never have patience.He'd probably kill the Overseer of Dun Algor for falling so far behind, especially after I blew up their power core, but I saved him the trouble.

As I continued questing, I found yet another attempt by the Elves to grow a World Tree. This one was called Vordrassil. These guys have a serious thing for big trees. Overcompensating much? I not saying, I'm just saying, you know.

Anyway, not too long after they planted the thing they cut it down. So I'm down in the trunk investigating it for a Druid at Amberpine, who can't fathom why they'd plant the thing then cut it down. I was fighting off a Saronite Horror (who, much to my disappointment, did not drop Saronite ore), and the Saronite Horror says "Yogg-Saron". Now I'm thinking this is some sort of elemental greeting like A'shal'a'sharin'nora.

However, I continue questing and eventually do a quest to free the spirit of Ursoc, the Bear god. The quest giver comes along and even goes all tree form for you. But then, unlike any tree I've ever grouped with, she doesn't throw a single heal. Lucky for me, I was doing the quest with a Boomkin who knew how to not only lay down the hurt, but also throw a couple of HoTs on her friends at the same time.

We defeat Ursoc and free his spirit. His sage advice is to beware of Yogg-Saron, a beast of a thousand maws, and apparently a card carrying member of the Old Gods club.
Is it just me or do you think there might be a connection between Yogg-Saron and Saron-ite. Just a thought.
With a couple of more quests out of the way I got my Quest achievement for Grizzly Hills, and conveniently enough a level up.

Not too bad for a zone I had planned on skipping. Grizzly was a lot of fun, but now with the majority of quests knocked out, it's back to Zul'drak.
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