Monday, January 12, 2009

Shopping Time Again

This weekend, I got invited to run Sartharion 10 again with Heroes Inc, once again as Ret DPS. I had the benefit this time of watching one of their Ret Paladins who was much better geared than I was. I didn't hold out any hope of keeping up with him in DPS, but I tried to watch to see if he did anything different than I did.

The one thing that I did notice was that he used Consecration much more than I did. I came to the conclusion that I'm being too frugal with my mana pool. I'm so worried I'm going to run OOM that I don't tend to use Consecrate in single target situations.

I also switched from Seal of Command to Seal of the Martyr.

With those changes I broke the 1500 dps barrier and posted 1700 DPS despite really poor gear. If I'm going to keep running as Ret, I need to start saving up for a Titansteel Bonecrusher. That would be the single biggest upgrade I can get. My preference would be to start running stuff as Prot, but my flexibility to go Ret when needed has meant that I've gotten to get some experience with the fights, and I've picked up some Emblems, and a little bit of gear to boot.

Case in point, I managed to win the Sack of Spoils from Sartharion, and the Emblems inside took my total to 25.

So I pulled up WoWhead to see what I could purchase with my Badges.

Hmm, there's a bunch of stuff to send to low level alts. That's nice, but not a priority. They've got a bunch of 'blue' PVP stuff you can buy. Again, nice, but not a priority for me.

All right, here's the good stuff. For tanking, they've got a necklace, a shield, a sword, a libram, a dodge trinket, and a belt.

I've already got the Titansteel Shield Wall, so I'm going to dismiss the Shield for the moment as a low priority need. I also have Slayer of the Lifeless, so the sword is also low priority.

The Libram is a big brother of the Mother Sharaz Libram that I have. The Libram of Obstruction would be 162 more Block Value every time I judged. It only costs 15 Emblems.

The neck costs 25 Emblems and is an upgrade, albeit not a huge one, over my Burning Skull Pendant.

The Belt is a nice looking piece of gear and costs 40 Badges. It would be a major upgrade over my Tempered Saronite Belt.

So the question is do I go ahead and buy either the Libram or the Neck or wait until I can collect 15 more Emblems and snag the Belt. The Belt is clearly a bigger upgrade than the Neck over what I currently have now in those slots. So despite the urge to want to go out and buy the Libram and the Neck right now because I can, I'm going to wait and save my tokens until I can afford the Belt.
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