Friday, March 6, 2009

Explaining the Screenshot

I guess a bit more explanation is in order.

My friend, known online as Aoesrus, was the person who got me into World of Warcraft. We love to play the game together. In the time since we started playing, we've had different things happen in our lives and basically our play times are fairly
desperatedisparate now. Our characters level at different paces and we end up telling each other about what did rather than, you know, play the game together, which is why we got into this whole World of Warcraft thing to begin with.

Several people from my guild are rolling Horde alts to play. So Aoes and I decide we will, too. But this time we are doing something different. These characters can't be played unless they are played together.

Now, he decided to roll a Horde Paladin. I looked over the choices of the Blood Elf race, and decided that I would make a Paladin as well. The name was simple, although it did cross our minds for me to make a Blood Elf mage named Aoesrus and for him to make a Blood Elf Paladin named Honorshammer.

As an added benefit, I'll get some fresh, first hand experience for my "Leveling a Paladin" guide.
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