Friday, March 12, 2010

PS : 10 Tips to Stop Going OOM As a Paladin Tank in Heroics

I've got an article up today on Paladin Schmaladin on how to run Heroics as a Paladin Tank and not go OOM constantly. You can read the full article here:

The cliff notes version goes something like this:

Blessing of Sanctuary will be responsible regenerating over half the mana you'll get back during a Heroic.

10 tips:

1. Use Blessing of Sanctuary
2. Use Seal of Command
3. Use Retribution Aura if your healer can keep up
4. Use a set of gear that reaches the Block Cap (Dodge+Parry+Block+Miss = 101.6%) The Block Cap is actually 102.4% for raids, but you only need 101.6% for Heroics. Here's a handy dandy little macro you can use to check the block cap

/script dr=function(x)return 1/(1/16+0.9560/x)end;DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combat table coverage. Currently at: "..string.format("%.2f", GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+dr(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)/122.962)))

5. Don't use Consecrate unless you are at 75% or more mana.
6. Taunt often. If it ain't attacking your sorry plated behind, taunt it.
7. Keep Divine Plea on cooldown
8. Move on to the next pack once the last mob in your current pack is at about 30% health. But make sure you check that your healer still is in range and has mana before you pull. Divine Plea is falling off is not going to hurt nearly as much as you think.
9. Judge everything with wisdom.

For Paladin Tanks with plenty of gold - 10. Stop looting. The only stuff you loot is greys anyway and you don't need the money.
For Paladin Tanks still needing gold - 10. Use good old Mana Pots!


Argon said...

"Don't loot" is a little harsh. I actually loot during combat to keep things from slowing down.

Honors Code said...


What is there to loot in a Heroic? Greens will popup in a Need/Greed/Disenchant box. Money will get evenly split amongst the party. The only thing you are missing out on is a couple of 'grey' items.

Rhabella said...


The first reason to loot in a heroic is the grey weapons are worth a few gold. Is it a game breaker? No, but it's free cash and leaving free cash on the table is dumb. Are you going to kill an animal while out hunting and then only take the 3 cuts of meat that you like home with you? I’d hope not, I was raised hunting and my dad would go bananas if I tried that even at 30.

The second reason to loot, is there are often other people in the party who find the carcasses of use. Skinners, herbies, miners, and engineers mainly, but I think maybe tailors only find the extra cloth on humanoids after the person who was entitled to the loot picks at the body. Not looting is somewhat of a jerk move to those guys because it’s often more than just the few gold you passed up because by not looting.

Rhidach said...

I wouldn't discount grey items completely. Some (2H weapons for example) can vendor for a cool 4g. Adds up quickly.

LegendaryK said...

Another mana tip one might use if one feels like re-glyphing from raid night. I sometimes swap the glyph of seal of command when I know I'm going to be running a number of heroics before the next raid night. The mana returns are fantastic.

Also, if you are constantly sucking mana fumes don't be afraid to swap to seal of wisdom.

Grimme said...

Grey items are a fantastic source of income for any tank running randoms. With our near instant queue times, I've run six or seven randoms back to back.

The randoms pay well to begin with but each instance usually drops three to five grey items for me as well. It's easily 30-50 gold extra after a good tanking session.

Add to that all the emblems of triumph and it's easy to see why it's good to be a tank.

Bryterside said...

Thank you so much for answering my question, in detail, here and on Paladin Schmaladin. You were my first WoW blog and still continue to be a great source of Paladinformation.

Grimadin said...

I think the discussion comes down to two things: running the daily heroic ONLY for the frost badges, and just running heroics for fun/money/helping friends, or any other of the many reasons.

As someone who has in the past run 4 80s a day for the frost badges, I would totally agree on the not looting idea as a means of speeding up a run. Only certain instances which have built in down time, such as VH, would I take the time to loot in, at the boss fights. When I tank, I do what I can to keep mana high and the fights moving. I will take time to loot if a healer needs mana, but I do not wait for dps to regen in most cases. I do the runs on my Pally ONLY for frost badges at this point. There is nothing else I need or want, and I want to be done as quickly as possible. In most cases I end up either 1 or 2 for damage done, which also lessens the requirement for the DPS to have full mana between pulls.

I also rely on professions for making gold. I do not discount the sums that can be made from a run, and will always sell greys if i end up with them, but if i can continue instead of looting, I will.

Everyone will have thier own reason for running heroics and they way they run them will be done accordingly. I think it depends on where you are in the overall scheme of things, for gear, gold and progression.

I am tempted to try the glyph for seal of command, that sounds useful. Thank you for the idea.

Happy Heroics!