Friday, April 12, 2013

All Good Things......

.....must come to an end.

I know a guild breakup is the definition of a first world problem, but I'm still feeling a little down tonight. I should be preparing for a raid that isn't going to happen. My guild has made the decision to cease raiding operations effective immediately.

Our guild was small one, 12 to 15 people. My raid leader was the guild leader. We talked for a while last night. He explained his reasons. I completely understood his reasons. I completely supported his decision. He was doing the right thing for the right reasons. He has my full and unwavering support.

Most of the guild is transferring to a PvP Server. We are becoming a PVP guild. They will be doing LFRs and PvP. PvE raiding is done.

Football players on the verge of retirement talk about being done with the game before the game is done with you. I'm not done with WoW.

I don't know that I can truly express how much I don't want to be on a PvP server. Apparently the one they have chose 'might as well be a PvE server' because the ratio is something like 10 Horde:1 Alliance. That won't do much for the Night Elf Rogue who decides he wants to interrupt my fishing run through Townlong with a little PvP.


Did I mention I stink at the PvP? I do. 5 years ago I was worlds better. Now, I'm cannon fodder.

For most everything I could do with them, we can BattleTag group, even if I'm still on our old server.

I have been raiding with this team a majority of my WoW career. Our raid leader was right there for my first Attumen the Huntsman kill. (Ironically enough, I was leading the raids way back then. Anything to tank as Paladin in Burning Crusade). I'm going to miss our nights raiding.

I'd like to continue PvE raiding. I'm just not sure which toon I want to concentrate on. I have two at level toons: my 490 Paladin tank, and my 485 Hunter. I'm not sure which would be easier to place. At least for this patch, it seems like the Hunter would be best bet because of all the dinosaur fun to be had with pets and the lower stress of the role.

I really haven't started looking hard for a home yet, so if you happen to know a great place, drop me a line or leave me a message in the comments.

Here's a couple of screenshots from our kills. It's been a great ride.

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