Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Old Friends

Our foray into Gruul's Lair was postponed by Internet issues affecting our Guild Leader and her husband.

So I was invited by Celoria to go back to Heroic Mechanar. As you will remember from my post here "This Is On Heroic, Right?" my last go at this dungeon went quite well.

This time our group was Me (Prot Paladin), Splinterdc (Warlock), MaxPayne (Warlock), Oslo (Beast Mastery Hunter), and one of the best Resto Druids this side of the Dark Portal, Celoria.

The nice thing about our group was we had run the instance before, knew the pulls, the boss strategies.

The Arcane Destroyers are still really tough. We have no way to interrupt Charged Fist. I Hammer of Justice the first one. They seemed to be immune to the Hunter's Intimidation. I used a health pot, Health stone, and my Dawnstone Crab for them. I only died one time and when I did go down, he was low enough for the party to finish off.

I did die to the fire lady boss. Again this was near the end of the fight and Celoria and Max were able to DPS her down the last little bit. Moonfire spam for the win.

We knocked over Pathelon pretty easily. He was so impressed with our efforts that he gave up Mana Wrath for the Locks and a Sun Eater for me.

Somebody in the Blizzard art department really outdid themselves with this baby. It's flat gorgeous.

For me it'll be a situational weapon. Use my CrystalForge Sword early in the fight to build an aggro lead, then whip this bad boy out for more mitigation and pure avoidance. I love the Dodge Rating on this sword. It's excellent to use during Phase 2 Prince, and those stupid magic immune mobs in the Guardian's Library of Kara, or for Gruul past 10 growths. I really want to put Mongoose on it, but that's a nice chunk of change to use on a situational weapon. I'll be buying my Gavel soon so I'll need to enchant it and hopefully Kara will start giving me some upgrades and they need to be enchanted as well.

That run put me up to 50 badges, which is enough to buy my Faceguard Of Determination. However, we are killing Prince weekly, so Teir 4 could drop at anytime and the new Badge rewards are supposed to be release soon with the 2.3 PTR. So I'm going to wait on the Faceguard and see what happens with drops and the next PTR.

After Mech, my buddy Sevenn (incredible Holy Paladin), asked me to run with him to normal Black Morass. There is a trinket he's been farming from there. I has turned him down earlier in the night, so I thought I'd take him up this time. He found 3 DPSers. All of whom were from our old guild, Heroes Inc.

Jagdelf (Beast Mastery Hunter), Wichita (Elemental Shaman), and Origami (Feral Druid) joined Sevenn and I for the run. It was very easy. I has to switch to my Normal 5 Man suit (see my post here) in order to have enough mana and take enough damage to keep my threat up. I switched to my Heoric set for the 2nd and 3rd boss. The 2nd has a Mortal Strike like debuff and the 3rd stuns you and your healer for several seconds. The trinket that Jagdelf wanted (Abacus of Violent Odds) did not drop, but the one Sevenn wanted (Scrab of the Infinite Cycle) did drop. He was one happy camper.

It felt really good to just own the place. My very first blog post was about Black Morass and how it was just owning me and my group. Now the place is cake.

The coolest part of it all was the people I was running with. It was so nice to be grouping with Origami, Jag and Wichita again. I have really missed them. There wasn't a single drop in all of Black Morass that I needed, but it didn't matter. It was just fun to be back with those guys.

At the same time, it was really cool to group with Celoria, Max, and Splinter again, and start to build some new friendships in my new guild. I've been amazed how quickly these guys have gone from "WTF Paladin Tank?" to "Hey, Honors, tank my Heroic please."


Galoheart said...

I picked up my Quest for BM the other day so will have to read that entry on your blog again now its relavant. Hell i'm forgetting more stuff than i can remember.

Anyway that Sun Eater Sword looks arwsome. WTB that Sun Eater lol. Yet i understand you will use it situationally as its a damn fast sword for procs and has lots of mitigation. It be nice if it packed like say +150 spell damage with the current stats.

However how exactly do you rationalize using that sword situationally vs your Crystalforged Sword or a person with a Continium Blade when you have a threat lead. Just trying to understand the Paladin mechanics of it. Is the avoidance and mitigation more important when you have a large threat vs the spell damage that you can do with the CrystalForged or Continium Blade?

Raydz said...

Grats on the Sun Eater man!