Thursday, October 2, 2008

Only Mostly Dead

It seems raiding in Dominion is only mostly dead. Mostly dead is still partly alive.
I usually don't log on Wednesday nights. I was actually going to log on my Warrior a bit and level him. He's 56, and I'd love for him to be around 60 to 62 when the Expansion drops.
But I figured if I was going to be online, I needed to be available for Dominion. I figured I'd show up, the raid would be called and I would go back to leveling my Warrior.
Somehow we actually managed to put a raid together. We had some new people, so we had to explain the fights to them. Despite that, we still managed to down 3 bosses Najentus, Supremus, and Akama. No tank loots to be had. No Tide Stompers for me, no Brutalizer for my Warrior buddy. I'll have Troll Feet all the way to Northrend, sigh.
We talked a little bit between pulls about the expansion. It was reassuring to me to see that our Druid tanks were as worried about their competitiveness in Wrath as I was. Basically, every single tank Class sees glaring weaknesses in itself, and thinks every other tank class is fine or even a little overpowered. I guess that's just the nature of the things. You know your own faults better than anyone else, but you don't see the faults or issues others have.


Adlib said...

I know this doesn't help you, but I thought of you the other night when we downed Naj, and we saw those tide stompers drop for like the billionth time. Our holy pallies were rolling for them. I wish I had a pair to give to ya!

Veneretio said...

I am not weak. I am Warrior. I am invincible.

But seriously, nerf druids.

Anyway great to hear you're lookin' into the Warrior side of things. I've actually got a Paladin at level 35 that I'll be pushing to 80 eventually. I figure that coupled with a Death Knight will give me a wider perspective.

Of course, my conclusion will still be Warriors = Invincible.

Hey where'd my intellect buff go?