Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am NOT prepared

So it looks like Heroes Inc will be venturing into Karazhan for the first time on Saturday night. I will be one of the tanks and the raid leader for this little excursion.

I'm still fully crushable in my 10k hitpionts gear. I could switch out some pieces and get to 14% crushable, but I'd have to drop down to 9k hit points to do it.

I've read up on the first boss Attumen the Huntsman. He seems fairly straightforward. I haven't found any information on the trash packs to get to him, so I wonder what suprises await me there.

I'm glad that Sevenn is planning on coming to the raid. He's actually been inside Kara before and should be able to keep us for getting too lost.

This should be interesting to say the least. Heroes isn't a raid guild per se. We do a little PVE and a little PVP. Our main focus is on having fun. I heard it said once that WoW players fall into two groups, those who play to win and those who play for fun. I think Heroes is definately in the play for fun crowd.
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