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Think Tank: The Social Side of Tanking

Today on TORWars, I’m looking at the social side of tanking . If you’ve ever tried to break into a new guild as a tank, this article will probably have a familiar feel. Hello again, TORWarriors, and welcome back to another edition of Think Tank. Today, I’m thinking about the social side of tanking. Last week, we talked about the gear , and before you can become the tank for your guild, there’s a whole other set of obstacles to overcome and skills to master.  They are social ‘soft’ skills you will need to effectively tank. We can talk about gear, and rotations, and consumables, and professions all… This is a topic that strikes me particularly close to home because not only am I trying to work my way in the tanking corps of Zeal, but because I handled this situation so poorly in Dominion. I know most of the people I was with then don’t even play or read blogs anymore, but I hope they have forgiven me for the poor attitude I showed at times while working my way up the tanking hierarc

Think Tank: End Game and Gear Grind

Today on Think Tank, I’m discussing the grind from a fresh Level 50 all the way up to a full fledged ready to raid tank. TORWars: Level Cap and Gear Grind Hello TORWarriors, and welcome to another Think Tank. Today, I’m thinking about the level cap. My Knight, Atceth Makabba, just hit the big 5-0. DING! Things are working out pretty well with the new guild, but my playtime is still severely limited. We seem to have an abundance of tanks and melee DPS right now in the guild, so when 1.2 comes out I’m going to reroll my a DPS Commando. A couple of old guild mates have rerolled on my server and are flying up to 50. I’m looking forward to being able to run with them again and our new guild will provide plenty of opportunities for them when I’m offline. Happy Easter!

Think Tank, Guild Mergers, and Blatant Self-Promotion

My latest article is up on TorWars today. I’m looking at the changes to tanks coming in 1.2. Guardians look to be getting a pretty substantial buff and that makes me all kinds of happy. Think Tank: Patch 1.2 and You Greetings my fellow TORWarriors, and welcome to another exciting edition of Think Tank. This week, since all of the other columnists are thinking about it, I’m also thinking about Patch 1.2. If there is one constant in MMOs, it is change, and with 1.2 major changes are coming. This content update for Star Wars The Old Republic is huge, so I want… In personal news, my guild has folded after we lost our healers. We have been absorbed into a larger guild and we are trying to find our way. These guys seem pretty cool, but they are more progression focused than my old guild and the vent chatter is more R than PG-13, but I can handle that. I’m having a much harder time adjusting to my limited playtime. I simply can’t give SWTOR the kind of hours I used to pump into WoW and it