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Guest Post - Rodrigo Minnemann's best and worst encounters from The Burning Crusade

On Blizzard Watch, I wrote about the best and worst encounters in the original Burning Crusade . I played all through Burning Crusade as a Protection Paladin and it had an enormous influence on my experiences and recollections of those encounters. Rodrigo Minnemann (@Rod_Minn) was a healer in the original Burning Crusade. He follows me on Twitter and asked if he could share his best and worst encounters from a healing perspective. I loved the idea of seeing Burning Crusade through a different lens. The Best (and Worst) instances and encounters from The Burning Crusade by  Rodrigo Minnemann  ( @Rod_Minn) Ah, Burning Crusade , the first expansion of our beloved MMO. Who could forget entering that iconic portal. Into a shattered world with cosmic sights to behold! Exploring new lands, dinging new levels, and best of all, enjoying the new group content that we will soon relive in Burning Crusade Classic . Take the findings of this list with a grain of salt, for it is the recollection

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Talent Builds

Return to Guide 0/49/12 - The Maintankadin This is the "Cookie-cutter" Prot spec.  Advantages Best suited for standard "main tanking" Gets most of the cool stuff in the Prot tree Disadvantages Not much hybrid left; healing (or DPS) suffers quite a bit 12/35/14 - The Gladiator The goal of this build is to keep most of the important Prot and Ret talents from the standard 0/49/12 build, but add in uninterruptable healing for PVP and Arena purposes. Advantages Gives you more survivability and utility in arenas without having to respec Still fairly viable in most "Main Tanking" situations Disadvantages Requires slightly more defense and avoidance from gear (a little over 1%) Slight threat decrease from the loss of Precision 0/38/23 - The Threat Rocket

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Stats

Return to Guide Tankadins are looking for three things in their gear: Threat, Stamina and Mitigation. This is the same for any tank, but Paladins do it in their own way.  Threat Threat comes from Spell Damage, and Spell Crit. Your weapon will provide the majority of your threat stats in most cases. Stamina Stamina is relatively easy to get. 10,000 unbuffed is a good pre-raid goal. This will get better as you start getting more epics. Ratings Burning Crusade Classic implements a ratings based system that most retail players should be familiar with. Let's take a look at ratings and what they mean for us. 2.4 Defense Rating = 1 Defense = .04 Miss/Doge/Parry/Block 18.9 Dodge Rating = 1% Dodge 31.5 Parry Rating = 1% Parry 7.9 Block Rating = 1% Block 25 Agility Rating = 1% Dodge Mitigation Here's where it gets far more complex. Your ability to mitigate damage comes from your Armor, Defense, avoidance (Dodge/Parry/Block%) and your Block Value. There are many other ways to mitigate da

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Sources

Return to Guide Sources: Maintankadin Pre-raid Tanking: Theories, Goals and the Gear to Get There   Originally posted Wed Apr 04, 2007 11:14 am  user: Dreamcrusher  URL: Popular Tankadin Specs Originally posted Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:23 am  user: Lore (now known as Josh Allen on the WoW team)  Tankadin 101 Orginally posted Fri Feb 23, 2007 4:43 pm b user: Aergis Site Admin  URL: An Officers Guide to the Paladin Tank Originally posted Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:49 pm  user: Igrado  URL: Tankadin Gems and Enchant Guide  Originally posted Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:01 pm  user: Ralthos  URL: Your Maximum Threat Potential Originally posted Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:55 pm user: Rainge  U

PVE TBC Classic Prot Paladin Tank Guide - Work in Progress

This is very much a work in progress right now. How to Play a Protection Paladin in Burning Crusade Classic PVE Disclaimer 1 While I have edited the content, and made changes where applicable for Burning Crusade Classic , parts of what you'll see here are verbatim from old guides I saved from the now defunct Maintankadin site. Please see the Sources page for the original authors. Most of them have long sense left the game. Disclaimer 2 This entire guide is based upon the knowledge of the original release of Burning Crusade . There is a real possibility that things could be different, and I will attempt to update the guide as new information becomes available.  Menu Stats for Tankadins Talent buids Rotation Preraid Tank gear Preraid "fail safe" gearing Raid Tank gear progression Resist gear Gems Enchants Macros Addons Sources The Basics The basics of playing of Protection Paladin in group content are: Keep aggro.  Don't die.  That's it. That's your job as a tan

Leveling a Paladin in Burning Crusade Classic

Choosing the Paladin as your class shows remarkable good taste and high intelligence. I leveled my Paladin through vanilla World of Warcraft, and I'm currently leveling one in WoW Classic. This guide is an update to the one that was linked on the main World of Warcraft site during Burning Crusade and the information is accurate for Burning Crusade Classic . Which race should you make your Paladin? Honors, you are a rare combination of brains and good looks, what race should I make my Paladin Well, I'm glad you asked. Race isn't going to make or break your character, and you're going to be looking at that toon for hours on end. If you roll Horde, you're a Blood Elf . Next Question! Oh, wait, you're Alliance, excellent choice, my lad. Of the 3 Alliance races, I would say Draenei .  The Draenei starting area is cool, and tons of fun. Shadow Resistance and a free Heal over Time both work well with Paladins.  Humans are the best aesthetically, and the rep bonus is