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First Post Patch Raid

Oi-vey, am I behind on my posting or what? Anyway, we raided one time right after the new talents came out. I did well, but consistently lost to our Rogue. Here’s the meter from Deathbringer Saurfang. He’s very good and very well geared, plus he’s been playing a Rogue as his main since at least Burning Crusade and I’m just starting to play my Warrior. I know 9k is a little low based on some numbers I’ve heard from other Warriors, but this was 10 man, with only 10 man buffs. Suffice to say, I was pleased with my performance. Here is the breakdown of my damage:   The 4 misses indicate I still need more hit. I need to do some research on the Glancing mechanic, and figure out why that was almost as high as Crit. As you can see I’m pretty much ignoring Slam. MMO-Champion states that the new Beta build has reduced the Rage cost of Slam. That will help because it just wasn’t doing enough damage for the Rage cost. The situation in the game hasn’t changed a great deal. We actually scheduled

How I’m Playing My Warrior in 4.0.1

So let's take a look at how I'm playing my warrior in 4.0.1. Let me first give credit where credit is due. Most everything I'm doing in game comes from reading the excellent work of Tankspot posters, and specifically the Understanding Fury in 4.0 thread. The value I hope to add with my blog post is to take that 19 page thread and boil it down to its essence. It is entirely possible that some, or all of this information is WRONG. If you spot and error or omission, please mention it in the comments so I can ninja edit it. Of the three paths open to that warrior dps, I chose to go with Titan Grip. My two handers are better than my one handers (251/251 v.251/232), and my one handers are agility weapons while my two handers are strength weapons. Curious, I did some perusing of the Cataclysm raid loot and the do indeed have strength one handers. The set is a Sword main hand, and Fist off hand. That should make it easier to determine which weapons to prioritize, and which should

The New 4.0.1 Warrior

One of the reasons I picked my Warrior over my Paladin was the breadth of changes the Paladin class underwent in 4.0.1. With the possible exception of the Hunter class, no class saw a bigger change to its core mechanics than the Paladin. But I was wrong thinking that the Warrior would be pretty much the same as he had been previously. I was very excited to see an actual raid had been scheduled for Thursday night, and I wanted to do the best I could for my fellow guild mates. That meant I needed to understand the new Fury Warrior. There are three ways Warrior DPS could go in 4.0.1 and Cataclysm: Titan’s Grip, Single Minded Fury, or Arms. Titan’s Grip is using two two-handed weapons. This is what Warriors have done through Wrath. Single Minded Fury is a Fury Warrior using two one-handed weapons. This is how Fury Warriors worked in Vanilla and Burning Crusade. Arms, is well, Arms, and has traditionally been the PVP tree. Once the dust settles at Level 85, one of these three options will

What To Do With The Blog

4.01 has marked the official switch from my Paladin to my Warrior, along with switching from a main spec Tank to a main spec DPS. My game play, and therefore the fodder for my blog, is going to be more focused on the Warrior DPS side of things. I’ve debated if it would make more sense to simply shut down Honors Code, and create a new blog to reflect the new focus. An informal survey of my Twitter follows seems to indicate that the DPS Warrior appears to be underrepresented in the Blogosphre. It’s a similar situation to the Paladin Tank when I started the blog way back in 2007. On the writing front, I wasn’t named among the winners for the Blizzard Short Story Contest, but I had a blast , and I learned some important lessons as well. I will allow myself the delusion that I made it at least past the first couple of cuts, but honestly, I have no idea if that is true.  Now I want to take that experience and expand upon it for NaNoWriMo . So if blog posts are sparse during the month of Nov

Patch Night 4.0

I got home late on Tuesday night because that is the night I’m leading a Financial Peace University (FPU) group. FPU is a great program created by a guy named Dave Ramsey, and I am happy to be able to provide it to people in my local area. It  teaches you how money really works, how to get out of debt, be prepared for emergencies, invest and so much more. More than one million families have benefited from Dave’s class. On average these families paid off $5,300 in debt and saved $2,700 in just 90 days. Because I got in late, I got a late start on my patching process. I had had the background downloader download the patch already, but it still took a while for it to install. When I finally logged in, it was about as I had expected, which is to say, it was a state of pandelerium . As a precaution, learned from previous big patch days, I had turned all my addons off. The first one to get turned back on was SpartanUI, which, much to my relief, worked for the most part. The other addon I g

No April Fools Joke

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about a small event happening on December 7,2010. It’s actually a rather large event. One could say it is right down cataclysmic. Someone reminded me on Twitter that I never blogged about what I was going to make my main toon in Cataclysm. My last blog was about how I decided that the Druid would not be the one to get to 85 first. The next toon that I eliminated was the Hunter. I still plan on taking him to 85 at some point, but not first. Hunters have undergone too many changes in Cataclysm, and I’m not looking for a roller coaster of buffs and nerfs while they rebalance what is in essence a new class. For the same reason, I’m retiring my venerable Paladin. The Paladin has once again undergone a dramatic redesign. While I appreciate the Developers efforts to bring the class closer to their vision, I’m not excited about relearning my class. If I was going to do that, I would really want to take a toon from level 1 on up. I k