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Galatic Starfighter Scout Build for the IL-5 Skybolt

I've been playing a lot of Star Wars : The Old Republic and its new Galactic Starfighter expansion. It took a little while, but I've finally found a ship I'm comfortable with and can do halfway decent with even with my 40something reaction and general lack of anything resembling PVP skill. Here's how I build mine out. Next week, I'll go over some of my tips, tricks and tactics for Galactic Starfighter. The IL-5 Skybolt is a Scout class fighter that you can buy from the Cartel Market for 1800 coins. It is my favorite ship right now in Galactic Starfighter before the ridiculously overpowered Bombers are released. The Skybolt is the same as the Flashfire which can be bought for 5000 Fleet Requisitions. Both ships have Imperial counterparts. The build should work the same for the Imperial or Republic version, but the companions will be different. Requisitions Explained If you aren't familiar with Galactic Starfighter, you get two types of currency at th

Quick Friday Survey

Happy Friday. Thanks for stopping by my website. I'd like to get an idea of what games the readers of Honors Code are playing these days? Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.