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Update! Orias or Bust!

Gamebreaker has made the decision to move to the US PVE Server Orias . My old WoW guild mates are joining Gamebreaker. If you want to find out more about our guild, check out our site here . If you would like to join us, set course for Orias. Make it so!! "Join Us!" by Doran Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

#Wildstar Launch Plans

Tonight is the big night. Wildstar launches at 12:01pm PST / 3:01 am EST Saturday (which I still think of as tonight, although it's technically tomorrow. I won't get started until sometime on Saturday. My days of playing at 3am are sadly behind me. If you are going to be up and waiting for Carbine to flip to switch, you might want to check out Gamebreaker Nation's launch party on Twitch . They will start streaming at 1am eastern and carry on right up until launch. My good friend, Ghostal is one of the hosts and they are going to do a great job. My Launch Plans Class From the moment I saw her, I knew the Engineer was going to be my class . Regardless of my class in WoW, I always had at least one toon with max level Engineering as a profession. I thought many times that Blizzard could solve the balance problems they had with the profession by making it a class. It was a hero unit in WC3 just like the DK. Instead Engineering started out really cool each expansion