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[Legion] Artifact Catch Up Mechanism

If you recall, at the end of my last Legion post , I was discussing my concern for hybrids being able to maintain two artifacts. Some nights you are going to have too many tanks or too many healers online and you'll need someone to switch to DPS. Most players want to do well in whatever role they are be performing and having a decently progressed artifact looks like its going to be key to that. Blizzard recognized this issue and today, Watcher gave us some details about their proposed solution called Artifact Knowledge. Artifact Knowledge is something you build through Order Hall missions and works as a kind of multiplier to your Artifact power. This system is key to the pacing of overall artifact progression, and to making it easier for players to maintain multiple artifacts if they so desire. For example, at Knowledge Level 7, you would be earning Artifact Power at over triple the base rate. Thus, if you wanted to switch to a spec you hadn't yet tried at that point

[SWTOR] Chapters 10, 11, 12

I've now completed SWTOR Chapters 10, 11, and 12 on both my Light side Jedi Knight Guardian and my sort of Dark side Republic Trooper Commando. Major spoilers for the story are included. Consider yourself warned. I'm encouraged that each chapter has gotten better and I'm looking forward to them resolving the cliffhanger ending of Chapter 12 when Chapter 13 launches. If they leave it hanging and move on to the next bit of story, I will be most put out. My main issue with all three chapters was length. Each one felt like it was about 90 minutes or so of content and I knocked each one out in a single night. The problem is I'm paying a sub to get these chapters and 90 minutes of content per month isn't enough to justify it. I'm not sure how long the original KotFE chapters were, but they certainly felt longer, but maybe that's because we got all 9 at once. Chapter 10 I found Chapter 10 to be fairly weak. I did play with Kailyo some on my Imperial Agent

And We Have a Date [Legion Edition]

There it is. We have a concrete date for Legion. Everything in Warlords just got an expiration date. Legion drops between Week 3 and Week 4 of the NFL Preseason. Week 3 is the most important week, the dress rehearsal. Week 4 is pretty much a bunch of guys who won't be on the team the following Sunday. As far as my own Legion plans, the only thing I know for certain right now is that I want to stick with my Paladin. He's been my main forever and even the couple of times I tried to switch, I always seem to come back to him. After that, I'm lost. The artifact system has me concerned. As a hybrid, I need both artifacts, I would argue that really Druids, Monks and Paladins need all 3. Its still not clear from Alpha if we can even get all three. Even if we CAN get all three, it sounds like maintaining even two is difficult. Blizzard Watch writer, Matthew Rossi mentioned in today's Queue : At present my level 109 Warrior has the Arms and Fury Artifacts and switche

Play Log: Return to Raiding

I finally made it for raid night after missing several in a row. We started with Normal Mannoroth and Archimonde. During my absence, they had gotten the first 5 Heroic bosses down but still wanted to give people opportunities for the Crystallized Fel and Trinkets off of Archimonde. I went Ret as they had established a new tank and Mannoroth was a fairly simple one shot. Then we got to Archimonde and had a little trouble with losing people to various raid mechanics. We were running 3 heals for a 14 man group and the raid leader decided to try it with 4 heals but that meant the current Paladin tank going Holy and much to my surprise and excitement, I was asked to fill the offtank role. The main problem seem to be what to with the 'star' during Nether Banish. I guess some people came out too soon and the 'star' ate some of the people who remained. It took a couple of pulls, but we got the big guy down. I used a bonus roll and managed to get a Libram of Vindication . Gi

[WoW] New Player Experience

I finally made it Level 20 on my Worgen Rogue and got the achievement and the alternate hero skin in Hearthstone. After getting to Level 20, I'm not a huge fan of the Rogue class. I picked Combat as my specialization and I'm not sure if its the spec I don't like or the low level combat or what but it didn't feel fun or exciting. I think if Blizzard is expecting to attract of bunch of new players with the Warcraft movie, they need to look at the starting player experience because as it stands right now, I'm not sure I would have stuck with WoW if my early experience had been like leveling this Rogue. Blogger Rohan had a similar experience trying the promotion. I decided to try this experiment like a truly new player. I didn't get any heirlooms nor did I used my Chauffered Chopper. I picked Worgen as that is one starting zone I've never done before. Narrative The narriative in Gilneas was a strong poing of my leveling experience. The story kept