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[Hearthstone] Taking the Patron Control Warrior Out For a Spin

I've started taking notes on my games in an effort to figure out what I'm doing right and I'm doing wrong. Rank 18 (3 Stars) I faced a Rank 18 Warlock. He was either Malylock or Zoo, but I'm thinking Zoo because he tried to protect his creepers with a taunt so I couldn't kill them with my Death's Bite and have the deathrattle kill the little 1/1 spiders that spawn. I decided to shield slam the creeper and hit the Voidwalker with my Death's Bite. That cleared his board. I was starting to get a little behind but he tapped to bring himself down to 15 health. I played Grom plus Inner Rage (12) and Fiery War Axe (3) to burst him down, I never drew my Patrons this game. Rank 17 (1 star) I faced a Rank 17 Golden Dragon Priest. He got a fantastic start. Turn 1 Whelp, Turn 2 Agent, Turn 3 Velen's. I was behind from the word go. I think I waited too long to drop my Patron's but each turn I could use them, he would have been able to clear all of them and

[SWTOR] A Return

There's a movie coming out in a couple of weeks that you may have heard something about. Everything right now seems to be Star Wars and it put me in a real Star Wars mood. A good friend recommended I try out the new expansion for SWTOR "Knights of the Fallen Empire". It's been a long time since I fired up Star Wars, but I thought I'd give it a go. My Jedi Knight was still on Makeb so I finished that up. What was really cool is that my friend was able to come join me and even though he was Level 65 (current cap) and I was level 50 (old cap), the game downleveled him to the planet we were on and we were able to quest together without him just destroying everything we came across in one hit. I wanted to keep going but I needed to buy Shadows of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire. Since WoW is tokened up until well into 2016, I decided to subscribe for 3 months as that was about as much as the Expansions but you got them for free if you subbed. While SWTOR is

[Hearthstone] Control Warrior Finished... sort of

I opted to go with Warrior and craft Grommosh Hellscream. Part of the reason behind this was the Magni Bronzebeard skin you can buy in the in game store to replace Garrosh as the Warrior hero. I've been a big fan of the Bronzebeard brothers since my first travels with Muradin all those years ago in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and my love for all things dwarf is well documented. I gave serious thought to Mid-Range Paladin which is, to not put too fine a point on it, currently the #1 best deck in Hearthstone . The problem being that even if I had crafted Tirion instead of Grommash, I still would have needed to craft Coghammer , and 2 Quartermasters along with a second Aldor Peacekeeper and Divine Favor . I didn't have anywhere near that amount of dust. I built a deck based up the Zaguios Control Patron Warrior variant ( CompetitiveHS/comments/3rhxl2/ guide_top_10_legend_with_new_ control_patron/ ). I always liked the dwarf theme of Patron Warri