Friday, December 11, 2015

[Hearthstone] Taking the Patron Control Warrior Out For a Spin

I've started taking notes on my games in an effort to figure out what I'm doing right and I'm doing wrong.

Rank 18 (3 Stars)
I faced a Rank 18 Warlock. He was either Malylock or Zoo, but I'm thinking Zoo because he tried to protect his creepers with a taunt so I couldn't kill them with my Death's Bite and have the deathrattle kill the little 1/1 spiders that spawn. I decided to shield slam the creeper and hit the Voidwalker with my Death's Bite. That cleared his board. I was starting to get a little behind but he tapped to bring himself down to 15 health. I played Grom plus Inner Rage (12) and Fiery War Axe (3) to burst him down, I never drew my Patrons this game.

Rank 17 (1 star)
I faced a Rank 17 Golden Dragon Priest. He got a fantastic start. Turn 1 Whelp, Turn 2 Agent, Turn 3 Velen's. I was behind from the word go. I think I waited too long to drop my Patron's but each turn I could use them, he would have been able to clear all of them and maintain the board. He dropped Justicar which made clearing anything difficult. I did eventually drop the Patron's but by that point, he cleared them and took me down.

Rank 17 (0 star)
Warlock Handlock. He hellfired my Patrons. I held on for a bit but eventually he killed me with spells. I had him low enough that if I had pulled Grom, I could have pulled it out.

Rank 18 (2 stars)
Rogue - He Harrisoned my Death's bite which screwed up my Patron generation. I built up over 20 armor and liked my chances. This was a strange deck the likes of which I had not seen before. He played Burgle and Nefarian it played like a Steal Priest. I thought I had him but he dropped Reno. From there he used Blade Flurry to clear my board and ground out a win.

Rank 18 (1 star)
Paladin - I was able to get board control early with Fiery War Axe and Armorsmith, and I built up armor. I may have released the Patrons one turn too early. Its always a tough call to release them when I only have one activator but sometimes you just need them on the board. They did help me pull out a win.

Rank 18 (2 star)
Warlock Handlock - He used Hellfire on my Patrons. I hate that spell when I play my Patron Warrior. I dad to use an Execute on Thaurussin and I had no answer for his Mal'ganis.

Rank 18 (1 star)
Mid range Hunter. He took a more aggressive start which made me think he was Face. I sacrificed my Patron activators to stay alive, and didn't have any activators once I had the Patrons in hand. He dropped Boom and finished me.

Rank 18 (0 star)
Golden Mage - He got a Maexxma out of Unstable Portal and I had no execute or Brawl. He played Rhonin deck, but I used Big Game Hunter. He managed to build a huge board including a Nerubian Egg and had me down to single digit hit points. I played Ysera but he sheeped her. She gave me one card: Ysera Awakens. I dropped Sylvanas plus Ysera Awakns. That cleared the board and stole the Nerubian that hatched out of the egg. I built up some armor and released the Patrons for the win. If I didn't get Ysera Awakens or if he had drawn one more burn spell, I would have lost.

Rank 18 (1 star)
Priest - I took me too long to figure out he was playing a Fatigue Priest. He Lightbombed my Patrons and ran me out of options. All I had left was Grom but I did managed to activate him. Unfortunately, he had Mind Control and once he Mind Controlled Grom I was toast.

Rank 18 (0 star)
Midrange Hunter - We were going back and forth but he quit as soon as I dropped a Shieldmaiden. I'll gladly take the win but that was a bit odd.

Rank 18 (1 star)
Paladin - He played one of the new Murloc Paladins. With Death's bite, Whirlwind and Fiery War Axe, I was able to keep the board under control. He didn't draw Anyfin in time and I took him out with Grom.

Rank 18 (2 star)
Warlock - He played the Demon Zoom variety. I was holding my own but then he cleared with board with Hellfire and the turn I faced Juraxxus. Game over.

Rank 18 (1 star)
Mage - Tempo Mage. I got off to great start and had Fiery War Axe for the Mana Wrym and Death's Bite for the first Flamewaker. He either didn't run Flamestrike or didn't draw it because he never took out my Patrons. Between Arcane Missles and Flamewaker bombs, it was a party. Hey, everyone! Get in here!

Rank 18 (2 star)
Rogue - I figured out pretty quick he was Mill. The best part was he provided me with all I needed for my Patrons. Vanish hurt because I had about 3 Patrons in hand. The good news was when I dropped them, they were at full health. He didn't manage to burn anything too important and I took him down.

Rank 18 (3 star)
Warlock - This was an old fashion Handlock. I tried to wait as long as I could go face but that decks runs almost not minions with less than 3 attack.

Rank 18 (2 star)
Rogue - I honestly have no clue what kind of Rogue this was as it didn't fit any of the standard archtypes you see on the ladder. I was able to build up a pretty good Patron board and take him out.

Overall, I went 8-8 over my first 16 games with this deck. I beat every Paladin and Mage I played and lost to all but one Warlock I played. With the new wing of League of Explorer's out, decks are getting more aggressive so I thinking of switching back to a more Midrange or pure Patron. When Control Warriors are taking out Boom to put in a 2 drop like Jeweled Scarab, you know the meta is speeding up.

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