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Picking my Battle for Azeroth Main

Twelve contenders enter the battle royal. Only one can emerge victorious. Only one will claim the title of "Main". First three out Demon Hunters, Warlocks, and Death Knights all have an aesthetic and core fantasy I don't enjoy. The only one of these I've even gotten out of the starting zone was a Death Knight and that was only to get a bank toon with big bags. If you love one of these classes, awesome. Have a blast. Me? I'd rather play another game than play one of them. The Demon Hunter, Warlock and Death Knight fall. Nine remain in the ring. Aren't you a Paladin? I'm ready to put down the shield for a bit. I've loved tanking, but after tanking through Warlords of Draenor and Legion , I'm showing myself all the tell tale signs of tank burnout. Honor's has been a Protection Paladin so long, it feels weird for him to be anything else. In addition to that, Battle for Azeroth is unlike any previous World of Warcraft expansion. There

I am number four

I finished leveling the Shaman over the weekend. Shaman is done. — Honors Hammer (@HonorsHammer) May 21, 2018 Enhancement proved to be a fun leveling spec, and I loved all the Shaman spells graphics, even on the healing spells. The biggest downside was times when I'd go a while without a Stormbreaker proc and it felt like all I was doing was Rockbiter and Flame Lash to bleed off Maelstrom. . I didn't get the quest for Argus, but instead I got Uniting the Isles. I guess this was because I wasn't done with Highmountain and I hadn't even started on Val'sharah, yet. I guess I needed to do those if I'm going to get to the Broken Isles with him and get his class mount. Part of the reason was rested but a big part was the Invasions. I hit up two this weekend. While you can't get the overall quest or the ending scenario, all the Invasion World Quests reward experience. XP, XP, XP. Come to papa, baby.

Darkmoon Faire boosted leveling

The Darkmoon Faire carousel gives you a buff called WHEE which is a 10% experience and reputation buff for up to 1 hour. Leveling the Monk, I had run out of rested experience. I remembered I had a Shaman languishing at 101 in Azuna, and a Warrior sitting at 93 in Shadowmoon Valley. Both are close to the cap. I decided to level them while I waited for some rested experience to build up on the Monk. I abandoned the Shaman early on in Legion. I had switched him from Elemental to Enhancement because I wanted to see the story of  Doomhammer. It's an iconic weapon like The Ashbringer. I couldn't see Thrall parting with it, but that's what he did. Of course, now I was Enhancement and ventured into the world. It didn't go well. I died every other pull and the ones I didn't die on, I had less than half my health left. I don't know what changed, but getting back on my Shaman, he no longer felt like he was made of paper. I tore through some quests and I was 102 in shor

T-Minus 100 and counting

The Kentucky Derby was Sunday and Legion finds itself in the homestretch. In less than 100 days, we'll start Battle for Azeroth. Both my Paladin and my Hunter have their +15 Mythic achievement, class mount and Mage Tower appearance. I'd still like to clear Heroic Antorus on one of them, but my guild has had some attendance issue and we've pretty much stalled out at Heroic Coven.  I managed to push my Alliance Druid's ilevel up to 934, but it wasn't enough to get the Mage Tower down. I got some great advice on Twitter. The Lightblood elixir was a big help, but I'm still getting behind and dying even before the boss reaches 50%. Clearly, I need more skill, and by skill, I mean gear. My guild has let my Druid in on some M+ runs which should help. My Tauren Druid has been spending some quality time in his Garrison leveling up professions in preparation for Battle. He's going to be Inscription/Herbalist. I've done World Quests on him to get his ge