Thursday, May 31, 2018

Picking my Battle for Azeroth Main

Twelve contenders enter the battle royal. Only one can emerge victorious. Only one will claim the title of "Main".

First three out

Demon Hunters, Warlocks, and Death Knights all have an aesthetic and core fantasy I don't enjoy. The only one of these I've even gotten out of the starting zone was a Death Knight and that was only to get a bank toon with big bags. If you love one of these classes, awesome. Have a blast. Me? I'd rather play another game than play one of them.

The Demon Hunter, Warlock and Death Knight fall. Nine remain in the ring.

Aren't you a Paladin?

I'm ready to put down the shield for a bit. I've loved tanking, but after tanking through Warlords of Draenor and Legion, I'm showing myself all the tell tale signs of tank burnout. Honor's has been a Protection Paladin so long, it feels weird for him to be anything else.

In addition to that, Battle for Azeroth is unlike any previous World of Warcraft expansion. There is no world ending threat looming this time. What drew me to the Paladin was the concept of the holy warrior of the Light defending the innocent. Now, I'm being asked to be a grunt for a morally gray Alliance. After working with Aponi and Lady Liadrin for the entirety of Legion, I can't see my Paladin being okay with taking up arms against them.

I need a fresh start. A new classes, may be even a new Allied Race.

The Paladin lays down his shield and retires from battle. Eight remain.

For the Horde

Play what you want is advice often given to people seeking a new main. If I truly did that, I'd be a Horde Druid so that one day in the not so distant future, I'd be a Zandalari Dinosaur druid. I don't care about performance, raid utility or anything else. I'm shape-shifting into dinosaurs.

As I've stated before, the guild is staying Alliance, relegating my Druid to alt status. I've tried playing both Druids toward the end of Legion and I didn't like it.

The Druid rips off his Alliance tabard, revealing the blood red tabard of the Horde, shape shifts in a Pterodactyl and flies away. 

Seven remain.

Solo bombs

I saw Solo: A Star Wars story over Memorial Day weekend. I liked it. It suffered from all the usual problems with origin stories, but it handled all the key moments well and even managed to throw in a few surprises.

I have a boosted Mage and I've leveled a Warrior to cap (109 - he'll cap this wekeend). Both of these classes have struggled when I'm playing solo. Every combat becomes a kill or be killed race with few options for self healing or pet tanking. I don't look forward to leveling either to 120. Even though group PVE is my favorite activity, I still solo often at max level for World Quests.

Both the Mage and Warrior get isolated away on their own and go down.

Five remain.

From the Shadows

Rogues and Priest's Shadow spec falls a little too close to the Warlock/Death Knight vibe for my tastes. It's not a fantasy I enjoy. Both also lack options. Rogue is melee DPS only and Priest is healer only if I don't want to play Shadow. This just in, I don't want to play Shadow. Sorry, Mitch. I know I could level as Discipline, but for random queues or LFR, it's going to be tough to be a Disc DPS player.

The Priest goes Shadowform and falls. The Rogue, unable to adapt to the changing battlefield, is eliminated.

Three remain.

Hunter, Monk, Shaman,

I have two of these at max level. I've played my Hunter a ton in Legion, and I've always had fun with him. At times, he's been better geared than my Paladin. I got the Shaman to max level but I haven't done anything more with him. The Monk is only Level 45 and is a bit of a unknown.

The Hunter, Monk and Shaman battle for dominance. 

(to be continued)

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