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Look Upon Gara'jal and Die!

The first two fights in Mogu'shan Vaults really stress the tanks to do their job well, so it was nice to get a little respite and have the burden shift to the DPS and healers for Gara'jal. Aside: I find the similarities between the name of Gara'jal and Gharj, one of the early SWTOR raid boss, to be an interesting coincidence. We made several solid tries on Gara'jal. We were really struggling with who was going in the Spirit World and who wasn't. Sometimes no healer would get in, sometimes three DPS would go. The next night our raid leader used the addon Gara'jalAnnounce . This was a huge help, but we simply didn't have the DPS to take him down. That's when we switched from three healers to two. That put huge pressure on our two healers, but we did better against the timer after that. On our final attempt of the night, everything was going well, but one of our healers got stuck in the real world with back to Voodoo Dolls right before we hit 20%

Guardian of Mogu'shan

NaNoWriMo I didn't 'win' this year which is to say that I didn't get 50k words. I got about half that. The biggest thing I learned is that I've got to work on my time management skills. I'm still raiding during NaNo which means I could have done more, but even if I hadn't raided at all during NaNo I wasn't hitting 50k. Raiding and Tanking I have, largely of my own accord decided to christen my raid team Team Rainbow. We operate within a larger guild. There's another raid team for the guild, but we are completely independent with our own group, own loot rules, etc. I chose Team Rainbow because many of our members have color names like Pinkale, Orangeporter, Blacktouch, and Blueshadez. Plus, at one time, every player in the raid was a different class so it truly was a rainbow in the guild frames. We've been working our way through Mosh'gun Vaults on Normal mode and hitting up LFR every chance we get. I really wasn't sure what my