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Setting your loot spec as a Paladin in the Shadowlands five man dungeons

Your main armor slots are all coded to drop for any Paladin speciation. Conduits, and Legendary recipes will always drop for you regardless of your loot spec. While shields will drop for both Prot and Holy, Ret, Prot and Holy weapons are typically coded to only drop for that loot spec. One of the challenges of trying to play all three specs is keeping your weapon and trinkets up to date. Each boss drops different items. To maximize your chances at the drop you want, you'll want to set the loot spec for each boss.  Necrotic Wake Blightbone - Prot Amarth - Holy Surgeon Stitchflesh - Holy, if you don't need the shield, then Ret Nalthor the Rimebinder - Holy, if you don't need the trinket, then Ret Set your loot spec to Protection for the first boss, Blightbone. After you kill Blightbone, set your loot spec to Holy. There's a 1H sword from Amarth, a shield from Surgeon Stitchflesh , and a INT trinket from Nalthor the Rimebinder. Once you have the shield from Surgeon Stitchf