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Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide: Macros

I love Macros. They can be really helpful in accomplishing many tasks in game. Most of the Macros I use today are Pickup Macros. They are used to help me pickup targets quickly and make up for my 30something years old reaction time. General Flash Divine Shield #showtooltip Divine Shield #show Divine Shield /cast Divine Shield /cancelaura [modifier:alt] Divine Shield If I spam it with alt down, it casts Divine Shield then cancels. With no alt down it stays up. I use this in a couple of ways. For one, it's my Fear break. I hit this Fear is gone and I'm back in action. It's also a debuff remover. Hit this, debuff is gone. Most of the time when I use this, I get aggro back so quick, the party doesn't even know I bubbled. I use this when I'm tanking Nightbane or one of the Ogril'la dragons. Healthstone /use Master Healthstone This will use the highest Healthstone you have in your bags so you don't need to bind a key for each of the 3 different Healthstones you ca

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Enchants

General Enchanting Principles Always keep in mind the total effect that any given enchant has on your ability to tank content. Sometimes, the overall "lower quality" enchants are more viable for certain pieces of gear. You do your raid no good if you are dead or if you're not holding aggro against your DPS. For that reason, if you're having problems surviving, get survival based enchants, while if you're having problems generating threat, put on some threat enchants. Moreover, if Agility on your gloves pushes you over to uncrushable, get that over spellpower and, in rare cases, if defense to bracers makes you uncrittable where you otherwise wouldn't be, get it. The same principle applies to gems. Enchanting to the strengths of your gear is a strong gearing principle. Tanks are not made best by a balanced set of gear in most cases, but a min/maxed set that specializes in something particular. This doesn't mean neglect stats, mind you, but it does mean that

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Gems

General Gem Theory If you still need to reach the Uncrushable breakpoint, use your gem slots to get there. If you're already at the Uncrushable breakpoint, gem for stamina. Gear is a better place to get mitigation and avoidance. Gemming for threat with gems is not as powerful as other uses of your gem slots. Don't gem for spell damage, hit, spell hit, etc. Consumables and your weapon are better places to look at it to increase your threat generation. Not all of the gems will release in Phase One. Some of them will unlock in a later phase. Gems Solid Star of Elune (12 stamina, Blue) This gem gives the largest bonus to effective health of all gem options prior to the Phase 3 BT/Hyjal gems becoming available. If you are uncrushable by a solid margin, this will give you the most survivability of any gem option. Enduring Talasite (4 Defense Rating and 6 Stamina, Blue/Yellow) The best yellow hybrid available, giving both a modicum of avoidance and stamina.  In Phase 4, this will be

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Preraid gear failsafe options

This is a list of preraid gear to get you to Uncrushable that does not rely on any drops or any reputations above revered. Using just this method, you can get your paladin to uncrushable status quickly with no luck at all. This is intended to provide a baseline for future raiding. This will not be your final gear set.  Head Felsteel Helm  (crafted) Neck Strength of the Untamed  (Cenarion Expedition revered) Shoulders Nexus-Guard's Pauldrons  (quest:  Success! ) Warchief's Mantle  (quest:  Return to Andormu ) Back Cloak of Eternity  (crafted) Chest Breastplate of the Warbringer  (quest:  Forge Camp: Annihilated ) Vindicator's Hauberk  (Aldor Revered) Wrists Shatari Wrought Armguards  (quest:  The Soul Devices ) Bracers of the Green Fortress  (crafted) Hands Felsteel Gloves  (crafted) Gauntlets of the Chosen  (Scryers revered) Belt Shatari Vindicator's Waistguard  (quest:  How to Break Into the Arcatraz ) Legs Timewarden's Leggings (Keepers of Time Revered) Felsteel

Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Preraid gear

Pre raid BiS Following is a breakdown of most of what we have available to us in a pre-raid situation. (Please feel free to let me know of anything you think I've missed here.) Threat versus Mitigation At the pre-raid level, and throughout Karazhan, threat can be achieved solely through your weapon. A good spelldamage weapon like ( Continuum Blade ), properly enchanted with Major Spellpower (see Enchants guide), combined with some cheap  Superior Wizard Oil , will put you at a very comfortable threat level. In any pre-raid situation, you will produce comparable (if not more, especially on Demon/Undead NPCs,) threat to a Protection Warrior/Feral Druid on single targets, and the same to up to three targets as a Feral Druid. On more targets, and through use of Salvation, there is no spec of any class that can produce more threat, (nor mitigate as much damage, usually) than you. For all 5 mans, it is much advised to wear more spelldamage, giving up some mitigation. As long as healers c

Stepping down from the raid team

I've informed my guild that I will be stepping down from the raid team. I'll continue raiding until they can find and gear a replacement healer, but I won't be doing any 9.1 raid content above LFR (if I do that). This has nothing to do with my guild or guild leaders or anything like that. The players in Chain Reaction have been fantastic. If you're looking for an Alliance guild on a US server, I would recommend them . It's a combination of ever-increasing difficulty of raid mechanics, a natural loss of reaction time, and wanting to pour my free time into new pursuits. Ever-increasing difficulty of raid mechanics It's like those batting cages at  Frankie's . I was crushing the fastballs in the 60+mph cage ( MoP / WoD , and even Legion ). Due to the necessity to increase the difficulty of raid mechanics as the game evolves,  BfA and Shadowlands feel like the 85+ mph cages. I'm barely even making contact.  Future raids will only continue to increase the dif