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TORWars Think Tank – Tank Stats

Monday, my latest article on TORWars went up. In this post I talk about the secondary tank stats and analyze some of the latest theory craft out there. The theory crafters have it a little tougher in SWTOR because until Patch 1.2 there isn’t a combat log to test some of the theory against. I’m also having to interpret other people’s posts and experience as my own progress has been slow. This has been a deliberate choice on my part to spend less time in game and more time working on various writing projects. Think Tank: Tank Stats, Survival, and DPS Hello again, TORWarriors, and welcome to this week’s Think Tank. This week, I’m thinking about tanking stats. Last week, we examined the combat system . Now that we have that understanding…. I have also been keeping tabs on the information flowing out of the MoP beta. I’m not surprised to see many people express regret over the 12 month subscription they bought, however; I am surprised how enticing some of the new stuff, especially t

TORWars: Think Tank – The Combat System

I’ve got a new article up on TorWars talking about how the combat system works in Star Wars the Old Republic. It’s fundamentally different from the system we used in World of Warcraft. Greetings TORWarrriors, and welcome to this week’s Think Tank! This week, I’m thinking about the combat system. While on the screen we see the flash of lightsabers, and the smoke of mortars, and the tenor rumble of explosions, what is going on behind the scenes and on the servers is an array of number crunching to figure just what happened. Understanding this obfuscated arithmetic is key to  how our toons tank, and to how we can best gear them ….

How Blizzard Could Get Me to Resub

I’m am really enjoying Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was like BioWare sat me down and asked me what I’d like to see in an MMO, and then made it. Of course it’s not a perfect game, no game is, but I can see myself playing SWTOR for a very long time. But from time to time, I get a feeling that I chalk up mainly to nostalgia to visit my old haunts in Azeroth. You see this guy: Crazy as it sounds, I miss him sometimes. When I heard about the free faction/server change Blizzard was offering that was almost enough. I have always wanted to turn Honorshammer back into a Dwarf, but I knew I was leaving for SWTOR so it didn’t make much sense to fork over the money to do it. But subbing for one month just to get Honors back to ruggedly handsome dwarf he was always meant to be doesn’t make much sense. But that got me thinking. The biggest problem is that I can’t afford two subscriptions, and my heart fully belongs in a galaxy far, far away. But I would love to be able on some nights t

Calling in from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I never like it when bloggers apologize or try to explain gaps in their blogging so I’m not going to go into that, but I will tell what I’ve been up to. I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic the first day of Early Access. I was all in on this game from the get go and I pre-ordered 4 hours after it went on sale. I rolled my Jedi Knight, Atceth, on the Grand Master Zym (PVE East) server. Atceth is currently Level 45 on Belsavis. The game has been everything I had hoped it would be. The moment I truly fell in love with this game was around Level 25 or so on Tattooine. I told a friend of mine:  I’m fighting the Sand People, on Tattooine, with a lightsaber, to John Williams music. Yeah, I was hooked.   The Jedi Knight story has been excellent, with each chapter ending being incredibly epic. The companions are fantastic and are up to the level of companions in previous BioWare games. I normally run around with Kira. She’s my favorite companion, my romance interest, and pu