Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TORWars Think Tank – Tank Stats

Monday, my latest article on TORWars went up. In this post I talk about the secondary tank stats and analyze some of the latest theory craft out there. The theory crafters have it a little tougher in SWTOR because until Patch 1.2 there isn’t a combat log to test some of the theory against.

I’m also having to interpret other people’s posts and experience as my own progress has been slow. This has been a deliberate choice on my part to spend less time in game and more time working on various writing projects.

Think Tank: Tank Stats, Survival, and DPS

Hello again, TORWarriors, and welcome to this week’s Think Tank. This week, I’m thinking about tanking stats. Last week, we examined the combat system. Now that we have that understanding….

I have also been keeping tabs on the information flowing out of the MoP beta. I’m not surprised to see many people express regret over the 12 month subscription they bought, however; I am surprised how enticing some of the new stuff, especially the Paladin stuff is. Blizzard certainly aims to make the rest of 2012 interesting.

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