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March: WoW, Hearthstone, SWTOR and the Flu

Archimonde's corpse wasn't even cool yet when I came down with the flu. Now, the obvious question I get when I told people I had the flu was 'Didn't you get a flu shot?' This was always delivered with a mix of concern and varying degrees of condescension. No, I didn't get a flu shot. I used to get one every year, without fail, but then about 7 years ago, I had a little issue with the flu shot. I got it that year at work like I always did. As I headed back to my desk, I felt like I had taken a Shadow Bolt right to the arm and that somebody had cast Agony and Corruption on me, but I chalked that up to a "normal" reaction. A few minutes later, I still wasn't feeling great, and I decided to go get a drink from the vending machine. About halfway there, I'm passing coworker in the hall. I remember him saying, "You don't look so..." I assume he finished the sentence with "good", but I couldn't really tell you seeing as