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[WoW] Archimonde

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter I (and the parenthetical phrase). I wasn't sure what my role was going to be heading into raid night. I'm the FNG and the guild has several capable tanks, plus near the end of the last raid, one of their old tanks had come back. But that tank was no where to be found as we formed up, so the raid leader asked me to go Prot. Mannoroth We started with Mannoroth. I'm not sure the exact mechanic, but something allowed us to skip all the earlier bosses and go straight to him. Last time, I had died to the orbs that Mannoroth shoots out in the last phase and I was determined that would not happen again. We got to the final phase, I got knocked back and started tracking the orbs immediately. I dodged to the left avoiding the orb, and ... I died. What? I looked at my Recap. I knew I had dodged that blasted orb, and I had, but it turned out I had a pretty nasty DoT ticking away on me and it took me down. Once again Rhea (W

[WoW] Level 100 Boost and Servers

My main goal in game right now is accumulating heaps of gold for Legion. My theory is that, like with Warlords, we will see an influx of returning players at the start of Legion and those returning players will push down the price of a WoW token back under 20k gold for a time. At that point, I'll use my nest egg and buy a bunch of tokens. Gold is also one of the very few things you can get in game today that will still have value in Legion. Class To Boost? I've got my two Level 100s, my Dwarf Paladin main and my Dwarf Hunter alt working their garrisons. I just opened the shipyard on my Dwarf Hunter. Next up, I'm working my Dwarf Shaman up to Level 100 (he just hit 94) and then the Dwarf Warrior is next (currently Level 86). (At this point, you may begin to sense a pattern to my toons). All those guys are 'close enough' to finish up without a boost. . I've also got my Level 100 Mage, but he's on the Horde side and still working his garrison. All of his

[WoW] Back in Blue

I took the plunge last week and formally transferred over to AoesRUs' guild. Honors is once again (and with any luck will forever more be) a dwarf. A few short nights after my transfer, I saw they were going to run Hellfire Citadel and managed to snag an invite. It was an interesting night. Apparently, one of their tanks was late so they asked if I could tank. They (and I guess I should start saying we) were on Mannoroth. I had DPSed the encounter twice with the Dirty Casuals. Their... err.. our... main tank, a warrior, talked me through it. First pull, I made a spectacular fail as a I taunted too early and got squished by the Glaive combo. Second attempt, I did better, but the first time I got knocked way back in Phase 3, I was supposed to dodge some orbs from Mannoroth and failed. That knocked me back again and off the platform. Luckily, the main tank was able to solo tank the rest of the fight and Mannoroth died. There was some discussion if we should go try Archimonde or cl

[SWTOR] Disappointment in Paradise

The next chapter of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story "Anarchy in Paradise" opened on Tuesday and I was finally able to give it a look. I have two toons in SWTOR at max level: my Light side Guardian, and my sort of Dark side Trooper. I opted to go with the Guardian for the night. The chapter started with a cool cut scene and then gave you an Alliance alert similar to the recruitment missions. Once again, I was headed back to the Zakuul. For being the most wanted man in the galaxy, it seems pretty easy to get in and out of Zakuul. It's also easy to move around despite the fact that Arcann blasted my picture to the whole planet You meet up with Firebrand, aka Kaliyo, and start doing missions with her as your companion. I knew Kaliyo from the Imperial Agent story and I'm curious how she reacts to Agent players. I think this is the first of the possible romance companions to return to SWTOR. My Guardian is certainly looking forward to the return of Kira soon.

[Hearthstone] Mind = Blown

Wow, I don't know if you've seen the announcement but major, huge changes are coming to Hearthstone. Soon certain cards will be rotated out of the card pool for "Standard' play and the current game will be "Wild". While the developers say know that both formats will be balanced, I'm less than optimistic. They are calling it "Wild" for a reason and I have feeling balancing for both modes will be akin to balancing for PVE and PVP in WoW. These are the same developers who thought Inspire was a swell idea or that Lock and Load would be played more or apparently couldn't see the juggernauts being created when the original Patron Warrior or Secret Paladin hit the scene. The biggest problem I see is everyone is trying to project today's game with only the "Standard" cards, but they are forgetting or ignoring that we are getting an entire Expansion at the same time "Standard" goes live which will add something on the ord

Infrequent Honors Hammer Update

Hearthstone Season 22 (January) wrapped up and I made it up to Rank 10 on the ladders, which represents a new person best. It's possible I could have made it farther, but I stopped playing after I hit Rank 10 for fear of losing stars and falling back down the ranks. The entire climb was done with my Tempo Mage. I run a fairly standard list with one Piloted Shredder and one Water Elemental. Both are great cards and it seemed like whichever one I had, I wanted the other one, so I'm running one copy of each. Like most Tempo Mages, I'm not running Flamestrike. Like one of the old ground and pound football offenses, Tempo Mage needs to play from in front and a card that is only good when you are behind has no place in the deck. The meta is so weird. Monday, I got the quest to win 5 games as a Warrior or Paladin. My Warrior is more complete so I pulled out my Control Warrior. It's the beginning of the season so I'm bracing for a slew of Mysterious Paladins, Zool