Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[WoW] Level 100 Boost and Servers

My main goal in game right now is accumulating heaps of gold for Legion. My theory is that, like with Warlords, we will see an influx of returning players at the start of Legion and those returning players will push down the price of a WoW token back under 20k gold for a time. At that point, I'll use my nest egg and buy a bunch of tokens. Gold is also one of the very few things you can get in game today that will still have value in Legion.

Class To Boost?

I've got my two Level 100s, my Dwarf Paladin main and my Dwarf Hunter alt working their garrisons. I just opened the shipyard on my Dwarf Hunter. Next up, I'm working my Dwarf Shaman up to Level 100 (he just hit 94) and then the Dwarf Warrior is next (currently Level 86). (At this point, you may begin to sense a pattern to my toons). All those guys are 'close enough' to finish up without a boost. .

I've also got my Level 100 Mage, but he's on the Horde side and still working his garrison. All of his gold will be the first I spend on any BoAs, mounts or Tokens. I find it incredibly hard now to spend gold in game because everything equates in mind to tokens, and real money. A 20k gold mount? That's over half a token which means I'm spending about $8 on a mount. Just can't do it. Wouldn't be prudent. The Mage was my Level 90 boost and while I liked playing him at first, but the longer I played him the more I didn't like how squishy he was. I was used to my Paladin and Hunter who are much sturdier.

That gives me Paladin, Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Shaman at 100 in short order. I can rule out using the boost on a Demon Hunter because, ideally, I'd like to boost sooner than later to give the new boosted toon more time to accumulate gold through the garrison before its nerfed into oblivion.

I have zero interest in Warlock or Death Knight. The "fantasy" of those classes simply doesn't appeal the me. I'm also not a huge fan of Rogue or Druid. I actually leveled a Druid to 80, but I was always flopping between specs and never really found one that resonated with me.

That basically leaves Priest and Monk. I've always toyed with the idea of making a Priest. I like support roles and Priest have some cool tricks like Mind Control, but there's two things that held me back. First, Priests are clothies and I'm worried he's going just as fragile, if not more so than my poor, nearly abandoned Mage. The other issue is that Shadow Priest comes a little too close to Warlock/Death Knight for me. I guess I could solo as Disc but that doesn't sound too appealing.

That leave Monk as my choice. He can tank which is something I enjoy. He can also heal through melee which might be interesting to try. It would give me a 3rd tankable character (Warrior, Paladin) and a 3rd healer (Shaman, Paladin). Of course, the biggest key is that I can make him a Dwarf! A Dwarf Brewmaster! I already have the Brewmaster title!


The other problem I have is that toons are scattered all over creation. Usually what happened is I would level an alt on whichever server my main was. When my main needed to transfer, I'd leave the alt because its expensive to move him too. I could use my boost on my Paladin's current server, but I've only been with this guild for two weeks and if for whatever reason, I have to find another guild it probably means another transfer and another stranded alt. I really wish Blizzard offered a multiple toon discount on transfer or just have one PVE server which shards or whatever. I'd love to get my whole team together on one realm again.


News, Nerds and Nefarion. said...

I thought Demon hunters were gonna start at 100(by the end of there starting zone)

Honors Code said...

I didn't realize they were doing the DK thing with Demon Hunters, but now that you mention it, that makes total sense. I'll definitely be making one to see the story and try out the class but I have no intention of playing it much past the starting zone. It's too bad they can't be dwarves!