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Stuck in the Morass

I'm at the stage of the game where I'm trying to get keyed to enter the Karazhan 10 man raid dungeon. There has been a long series of accomplishments that led me to the point where I'm at now. However, to finish my key, I must complete "The Black Morass". Basically you have to protect Medivh while he opens the Dark Portal. It consists of 18 non-stop waves with 3 boss type encounters at waves 6,12, and 18. I've come to the conclusion that this instance is nothing more than an elaborate gear check. Since completing the instance means you are keyed to enter Kara, the instance checks to see if you are really ready to go. The entire event is timed. Portals open one after the other and an Elite or Boss must be downed. While the Elite/Boss is up, the portal stays open and adds spawn that go straight for Medivh. Typically a party will have one DPS on the adds and 2 DPS on the boss. This becomes a test of the DPS. Can they do enough DPS to get the Elite and adds


I created this blog to chronicle my thoughts and experiences as a player in Blizzard's wildly popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This blog will follow my main, Honorshammer, a level 70 Dwarf Paladin on Altar of Storms. It will also include thoughts on my other characters, Honorshummer, a level 30ish Draenai Hunter, also on Altar of Storms. I don't know if many, or frankly anyone will read this blog, but here it is.