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Ragnoros Revisited

We had intended to head back into the Heroics, but first our Warlock wanted to make his Firelands run. He has been running with a group through Firelands working on the Dragonwrath legendary. This would be the last run he needed to finish that up. I hadn't run with the group before but I was happy to tag along. I went Prot even though it probably wasn't completely necessary. Firelands brought back some mixed memories for me. It was a fun place, but it was also a place where my old guild called it quits. I was again reminded that I had switched to the Hunter for Cataclysm and the Avengers of Hyjal rep started coming in. I went from Neutral to Friendly pretty quickly. We were able to ignore the vast majority of the mechanics and blasted through the bosses in short order. My guild has stopped on Baleroc so this was the first time I had seen past him. When the fire bridge appeared after his death, I was immediately reminded of the bridge in SSC that leads to Vashj. Majordomo

A Mount Farming We Will Go

Mount farming has become a big activity in the pre-expansion lull. One of my new guild mates was working on Glory of Cataclysm Hero for the Volcanic Drake. Between my various toons, I had about 11 more to go on that Meta. I wanted to help out (and start to get to know the guild a bit) so I threw my hat in the ring. I’m actually way behind on the mount farming thing as I only have 48. Well, this can give me one more I guess. Even though it was old content, we still went with a trinity group and they asked me to tank. As much as I feared my tanking skills were diminished, it did feel good to strap on the shield (transmoged to my favorite Aldori Legacy Defender) again. We started in Stonecore with Rotten to the Core. I was nervous, but more so from a social standpoint. I was pretty sure nothing in there was threatening. The only achieve in there was the last boss, but we didn't read it carefully enough and killed the Disciples before we engaged the boss. Oops. Our next target w

Battle on the High Seas

(This was supposed to go out on Friday, but I was having some Internet issues.) Avast, me hardys! In me landlubbin' days, I started me a farm in da Valley O the Four Blowing Winds. But I've had more work than I could bloody do. I needed me a scurvy lad to come help. Unfortunate as a no good swashbuckler, I wasn't best friends with any of the fine people o the valley. I set course to make one of them me bestest friend. I didn a care really which one. There be work to be done and I needed a someone ta do it, but what I needed was a bit of leverage. I started all sorts of looting, and pillagin' in the Hozen area. Whilst I be doing my best to be the scourge on da Hozen, a call went up for help from me mateys in the guild. She was a fine lass who worked powers of magic untold. We was joined by a powerful warrior. As would befit me piratical past, we ventured out onto the high seas.We repelled tha Horde boarding party, We swung over to da Horde ship to pillage som

Timeless Exploration and Legendary Frustration

Once I had my sea legs under me, I ventured out to the Timeless Isle. It was an interesting place. I found a couple of chests and upgraded my Ret set a bit. When I left Honors he was still main spec Prot and off spec Ret. While his Prot set was a respectable (for the time) 502, his Ret set was about 480. Oddly enough, despite the layoff, with Timeless gear being 496 there still isn’t much in the way of upgrade his (my? Why am I talking about Honors in 3rd person?) Prot set. With a little practice and some upgrades I managed to get some of the quests done. I can handle the elite tigers and snakes okay. Most of the time I can handle the panda ghosts in the village alright too. My favorite quest was the one that gave you the waterlogged journal where you read about the adventures of a party that landed on the Timeless Isle. It was a good introduction to the place and I love lore bits like that. I read all 22 pages. I was curious to see if I would miss the action combat from Wildstar

Back to WoW

This past weekend was back to football. In gaming, I'm back to WoW. I cancelled my account almost a year ago. I’ve bounced from SWTOR to Wildstar but nothing has really stuck with me like WoW did. There’s a familiarity I feel with WoW that no other game has been able to match. Every time I would play with my buddies in SWTOR or Wildstar, I would remark on how something reminded me of a mechanic in WoW. It got to the point that we would do a boss fight and one of them would ask, 'so which Boss from WoW did that remind you of'? While I learned what a dagun or a rowsdower was, they didn’t stick with me the same way that murlocs or Naga did. Maybe it was because I was already familiar with them from the Warcraft RTS, I don’t know. WoW is about to celebrate its 10 th anniversary. The only anniversary I’ve missed in WoW was the 9th. 10th being such a milestone I really want to be there for it. They are also releasing of a Level 90 version of Molten Core and I think it would b

[Hearthstone] How to Beat Noth the Plaguebringer on a Budget

This is how I beat Noth the Plaguebringer with only 2 rares and the 1 Legendary you get from clearing the first wing. I tried this deck a second time to make sure it wasn't a fluke and won handily. This deck also took out the next boss, Heigan the Unclean. For Loetheb, it didn't work, but my Paladin deck did the trick. My grand plan with Hearthstone was to save up and open the Naxxramas wings. After playing a little while in Casual and getting Rank 20 in ranked played, I managed to save up the 700g I needed to buy the Plague Quarter, next wing of Naxxramas. The first boss in the Plague Quarter was Noth the Plaguebringer. This guy was tough. It was a little disappointing to spend all that in game gold and then basically face a road block on the first boss, but I perservered. Noth has a super annoying Boss power that is a passive power called Raise Dead. Whenever one of your minions dies, Noth gets a 1/1 Skeleton minion. In addition to his skeletons, Noth has Plauge which


I’ve been playing some Hearthstone. I played it back in beta and I decided to give it another shot. It fits pretty well into a casual playtime. I usually don’t like PvP game, but when I’m playing Hearthstone it doesn’t feel like PvP in MMOs. I don’t like losing but it never feels punishing. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t interact much with your opponent. Emotes are fairly limited and outside of a “Well played” I don’t see much interaction. The first surprise was that my progress from Beta had NOT been wiped. All the cards I had gotten were still available and I had credit already for beating all the Heroes in Basic mode. I tend to play 8 decks, one for each class except for Warlock. My uneasiness with that class seems to span games. Of course, they feel really powerful in Hearthstone. Anytime I see Gul’dan I pretty much expect to lose. (psst Nerf Warlock!*) I’ve had some great matches and some awesome come from behind victories. One match I was playing my Malfurion (Druid)