Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Mount Farming We Will Go

Mount farming has become a big activity in the pre-expansion lull. One of my new guild mates was working on Glory of Cataclysm Hero for the Volcanic Drake. Between my various toons, I had about 11 more to go on that Meta. I wanted to help out (and start to get to know the guild a bit) so I threw my hat in the ring. I’m actually way behind on the mount farming thing as I only have 48. Well, this can give me one more I guess.

Even though it was old content, we still went with a trinity group and they asked me to tank. As much as I feared my tanking skills were diminished, it did feel good to strap on the shield (transmoged to my favorite Aldori Legacy Defender) again.

We started in Stonecore with Rotten to the Core. I was nervous, but more so from a social standpoint. I was pretty sure nothing in there was threatening. The only achieve in there was the last boss, but we didn't read it carefully enough and killed the Disciples before we engaged the boss. Oops.

Our next target was Lost City of Tolvir. We were able to knock out Acrocalypse Now and Kill It with Fire. We made an attempt at Headed South, and read the strategy on Wowhead. Unfortunately, the strategies were written at a time when everyone pretty much intrinsically understood the normal encounter. We had all done it on various toons but the details were little fuzzy after all this time. We kept looking for a debuff on the boss rather than a buff on us. The buff expired too soon and we didn’t get the achievement.

While we were in Uldum, we decided to head up to Throne of Four Winds. This was one that my old guild had not completed when it was current content. We got through Conclave but never could get Al’Akir after coming oh so close a couple of times. Now, of course, as level 90s, neither Conclave nor Al’Akir proved to be a problem. This was the last boss I needed to defeat for the “Defender of a Shattered World” title. Yay for new titles.

We were running short on time so we opted to skip the Halls of Origination and instead went to Throne of Tides. It was here that I realized I had changed to my Hunter for my main in Cataclysm and didn’t have the portal to Vash’ir. By the time I got to Honors, the Firelands was out and you needed Hyjal rep so it made sense to level him there. Luckily the Warlock in the group was able to summon us. At some point, I'll probably need to open that portal. We knocked out Old Faithful and Prince of Tides. Both required leaving mobs alive so we had to be careful with AoE.

We were going to stop there but we pressed on for one more run and went to Shadowfang Keep. I will always have fond memories of Shadowfang from the times I ran it for my Level 20 Paladin quest that awarded Verigan’s Fist. In Shadowfang, we knock out Pardon Denied, To the Ground and Bullet Time. Now I need only 7 more achievements for the Meta: Arrested Development, Ascendant Descending, Headed South, Faster than the Speed of Light, Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls, I Hate that Song and Umbrage for Umbriss. I realize I could probably knock those out solo, but it’s more fun with a group and I like getting to play with my new guild mates for a bit. I also think we are going to try for some of the Glory of the Pandaria Hero achievements once we finish off Cataclysm.

Afer checking my achievements, I realized I’m just a LBRS run away from Classic Dungeonmaster. How did I get through Vanilla without a LBRS run?

Anyway, I only lack Share the Love for Glory of the Hero. That’s going to be rough because it’s probably the only achievement you can’t solo. “Defeat Gal'darah in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty and have 5 unique party members get impaled throughout the fight.” That sort of requires 5 unique party members.

I wonder what other mounts I can go grab?

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