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[Hearthstone] Beating Heroic Zinaar

I blew through normal mode of the first wing of the new Hearthstone adventure "League of Explorers" with little difficulty. I thought I would give Heroic a try. Heroic Blackrock Mountain was really tough, in fact, I never got past the Grim Guzzler, but I'm happy to report I managed to defeat the first boss in League of Explorers, Zinaar. Zinaar ramps by gaining a mana crystal and a card each turn. He also gives you a zero mana spell which uses the new 'Discover' mechanic to give you a minion or a spell card. This adds a significant RNG element to the fight. The core of my deck is minions that synergize with the free spells he gives you. Mana Wyrm gets buffed, Flamewaker launches misses and Violet Teacher summons tokens. This is important because my deck is a little spell heavy. Flame on! Zinaar has several windfury minions that either have to answered immediately or blocked by taunts or freezes. Mirror Entity can be a life saver here, espeically if you

[Hearthstone] Class Selection

A new Hearthstone season is upon us. Last season I made it as far as Rank 14 with a combination of a Tempo Mage, Patron Warrior and Control Priest.  Part of my problem with getting higher ranks is the lack of games that I play. Three to five games a day is pretty much all I can manage and some days it’s less than that. Most days, it’s just enough to get the daily done. There isn’t a class selection screen like WoW, but you do end up deciding on a main and a couple of alts in the way you spend your dust. You have to craft the epics and Legendaries in most cases as their rarity makes it unlikely you will pull what you need from random card packs. The more dust you put into a deck for a particular class, the more that class becomes your ‘main’. I lack key cards (even the key rares) to really play Druid or Rogue well. If I get a daily for one of those classes, I typically will do it in Casual rather than tank my Rank. My other problem is I can’t build a proper anything deck. I’m missin

[WoW - Legion] Paladin Class Preview

While I was disappointed in the announcement that Legion would not be launching until September of 2016, I was excited about some of the Legion announcements that came out of Blizzcon like the new Transmog system and the way the entire world of Legion scales around you. Ever since the announcement of artifact weapons, I knew I would be continuing to use my Paladin as my main in Legion. I couldn't imagine anything that could be revealed through the class previews that would change my mind. My dream was for Tankadin to get a Gladiator type of talent so I could stay Prot and DPS, but after Warriors lost Gladiator, I knew I was in for disappointment. I'll probably have to go Ret as my main raiding spec. I still love tanking and I'm sure I'll do my fair share in 5 mans or LFR, but I can't be a raid tank with only 50% (at best) attendance. The developers stated they wanted to get back to the fantasy of each class. The mythos and fantasy of the Paladin was what origina