Friday, November 13, 2015

[Hearthstone] Class Selection

A new Hearthstone season is upon us. Last season I made it as far as Rank 14 with a combination of a Tempo Mage, Patron Warrior and Control Priest.  Part of my problem with getting higher ranks is the lack of games that I play. Three to five games a day is pretty much all I can manage and some days it’s less than that. Most days, it’s just enough to get the daily done.

There isn’t a class selection screen like WoW, but you do end up deciding on a main and a couple of alts in the way you spend your dust. You have to craft the epics and Legendaries in most cases as their rarity makes it unlikely you will pull what you need from random card packs. The more dust you put into a deck for a particular class, the more that class becomes your ‘main’. I lack key cards (even the key rares) to really play Druid or Rogue well. If I get a daily for one of those classes, I typically will do it in Casual rather than tank my Rank.

My other problem is I can’t build a proper anything deck. I’m missing cards from every deck I want to make, and this is after crafting the two best neutral Legendaries in the game in Dr. Boom and Sylvanas Windrunner.

I looked at the top 10 best decks at the moment as rated by the site called Tempo Storm. The Tier 1 decks are Hybrid Secret Paladin, Mid-Range Paladin and Aggro Druid.

Hybrid Secret Paladin: missing Coghammer, Divine Favor , Mysterious Challenger (need 2), and Tiron Fordring. That’s almost 2500 dust I would need to craft it.

Mid-Range Paladin: missing Coghammer , Big Game Hunter , Quartermaster (need 2), Justicar Trueheart and Tiron Fordring . That’s a whopping 4800 dust.

Aggro Druid: missing Keeper of the Grove (need 2), Fel Reaver (need 2), and Force of Nature (need 2). That’s only 1700 dust, but that’s still as much as a single Legendary from other deck I might want to play.

It’s like this down the entire list. If I want to try to play any of these proven decks, I’m having to substitute in lesser cards to make them work. When I go up against the 'proper' version on the ladder, I'm at a disadvantage. That's if I'm even close enough to approximate the cards I'm missing. In some cases (Force of Nature, Mysterious Challenger), I’m missing the one or two cards that are the engine of the whole deck.

Keep in mind that you average about 40 dust per pack that you open, but earlier on you will still be finding new cards you don’t have yet and won’t get nearly that much dust. Each pack is 100 gold and it takes me about 3 days to save up enough gold from quests and wins to get a pack. The only reason I had the dust to craft Boom and Sylvanas was from all the packs I got when I bought the pre-order to TGT. The only deck I have all the cards for is Face Hunter and well; I’d rather not play Hearthstone than play Face Hunter all the time.

The next card I'm going to craft is Big Game Hunter. He's an epic, but he's a very popular card. Then I'll be getting to the point where I'll probably want to craft a class Legendary (that can only be used in one class). That will really be picking my 'main' to put that much dust into one class. The contenders right now are Grommash Hellscream (Warrior), Vol'jin (Priest) or Tirion Fordring (Paladin).

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Jeni Morton said...

It looks to me like you really lean toward Paladin in bot WoW and Hearthstone. I'd pick Tirion as my class card in that case. It's funny, I play a priest in both games, too. Vol'jin is a super strong legendary that I love pairing with a smite :)