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Starting Legion

Once we got to the Broken Shore, we found ourselves face to face with the huge horde of demons. There were some familiar faces from our past battles like Brutallus. Tirion Fordring We found Tirion being held in a Fel prision by a big demon named Krosus. Tirion broke out of a similar prison during our fight with the Lich King, but this one was much stronger. We had to watch helplessly as the demon crushed Tirion and he fell into a pool of Fel tainted water. Tirion Fordring. THE Highlord. THE freaking Ashbringer. He deserved a better end than this. I would have liked his end to be similar to that of Varian with Tirion making some great sacrifice to save us, but that was not to be. Ulduar and Karazhan Once we got back to Dalaran, I was sent to talk to Magni Bronzebeard. He was alive. After the downer of Tirion's death, finding out Magni was alive was a much needed lift. It only got better. I was going with Magni and Braan to Ulduar! Man, I loved that raid. We talked with Mim