Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Starting Legion

Once we got to the Broken Shore, we found ourselves face to face with the huge horde of demons. There were some familiar faces from our past battles like Brutallus.

Tirion Fordring

We found Tirion being held in a Fel prision by a big demon named Krosus. Tirion broke out of a similar prison during our fight with the Lich King, but this one was much stronger. We had to watch helplessly as the demon crushed Tirion and he fell into a pool of Fel tainted water.

Tirion Fordring. THE Highlord. THE freaking Ashbringer. He deserved a better end than this. I would have liked his end to be similar to that of Varian with Tirion making some great sacrifice to save us, but that was not to be.

Ulduar and Karazhan

Once we got back to Dalaran, I was sent to talk to Magni Bronzebeard. He was alive. After the downer of Tirion's death, finding out Magni was alive was a much needed lift. It only got better. I was going with Magni and Braan to Ulduar! Man, I loved that raid. We talked with Mimiron because we are tight now that Yogg isn't in his mind anymore. We learned about the Pillars of Creation. There was also the major reveal that Azeroth is a Titan, or at least a Titan in potentia. But she is awake and alive enough to talk to Magni in his crystalline state.

Khadgar decided he needs a book from the library at Karazhan to figure how where the Pillars of Creation are. Ulduar and Karazhan in one day, I was having a blast. Like Ulduar, things are a bit quieter in Karazhan now that the place has been de-Malchezzar'ed . That didn't last long as the Legion showed up and we had a fight on our hands. We managed to get the book and high tail it out of there.

We had a big meeting in Dalaran and Khadgar convinced the Council of 7 to let the Horde back into the city. Jania lost it, resigned from the Kirin Tor, said peace out and teleported away. I can't really blame her. The Horde haven't exactly been trustworthy allies, well, ever.


You get a choice of which zone you want to start with and I opted for Stormheim. I met up with Sky Admiral Rodgers again and we set off. Once we arrived over Stormhiem, we were immediately attacked by the Forsaken. I guess they didn't get the whole "we have to band together to save Azeroth" memo. After a long battle they managed to blow up our ship. At this point, Sky Admiral Rodgers is never letting me back on one of her ships again. Between the last two sky ships and the boat in Vash'ir, people are not going to want to travel with me anymore.

I had to find the Aegis of Aggramar which the Vyrkyl had but weren't too keen to give up. I had to prove myself worthy. I completed the first two challenges but during the third, I get banished to Helheim. The ancient King whose blessing I needed also got stuck in there with me. In the course trying to escape, we witnessed Sylvanas making some sort of deal with Helya, the Vyrkyl deity that runs Helhiem. I don't know exactly what Sylvanas was up to but I'm pretty sure its not good for anyone who is still breathing. Despite her heroism at the Broken Shore, I'm not sure if she's totally on board with the whole "band together to save Azeroth" thing. It was the Forsaken, after all, who attacked both the Horde and Alliance at the Wrathgate. Sylvanas claimed no knowledge, but I've never believed that. She's got too many eyes and ears to think Palatress did all that without her at least knowing about it.


I got out of Helheim and got called to Greywatch to talk to King Greymane of Gilneas. This seciont brought to you by the letter 'G'. It's still kind of weird to have werewolves in the Alliance but, hey, I'm not telling them no. It turned out the Forsaken were cooking up a new patch of the Plague right here in the Broken Isles. Nothing says "band together to save Azeorth" like trying to Plague everyone!

At this point, I have to wonder if the Forsaken aren't working for the Legion. All their actions seem to help the Legion more than hurt it.

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