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Driving and Crying

Last Tuesday, we headed into Firelands. We currently have two bosses down, Shannox and Beth'ilac. I'm not sure I'd say on farm, but we usually get them both down each week. We are working on Lord Ryloth. Shannox and Beth were both one shots. I don't remember that happening before. We actually had some new trash to clear. It's trash that is tied to Shannox and usually it has despawned before we get to it. We figured it out pretty quick and began to march up the hill to Lord Ryloth. I really don't like this fight. There is so much going on, and I need to be in about three places at once. Our melee dps takes care of steering. With our current raid composition we usually have all the buffs and debuffs covered so I go with a my cat, a Stranglethorn panther, named CamNation. Yes, I’m a Carolina Panthers, and Auburn university fan. How often does the favorite player from your college team get to play for your favorite NFL team? Pretty cool, huh? I have two macros fro

Tinfoil Hat Time

Okay, tin foil hat time. So Tuesday, I mentioned that I thought BioWare was planning on a short window from announcement to release because they wanted to keep any of their competitors from bringing out something in the same time frame that could take away from their launch. I said they were wrong, and now I'll explain what I meant. I think Blizzard is ready and waiting for the release date announcement. They already have a content package ready to go to counter SWTOR. if you recall, one of the mysteries of Patch 4.2 was what happened to the other half of it. We were supposed to get two raids, a Firelands raid, and an Abyssal Maw raid. We got some line from Blizzard about how it wasn't ready or something. Honestly I don't even remember. I think it is ready and  Blizzard is holding it. They will unveil the Abyssal Maw as a mini patch to go right after SWTOR's launch is announced. Of course Kaplan has to go poo poo my theory by stating Abyssal Maw was dropped because t

Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Date

Man, I can't wait until the Google spiders get a hold of that title. One of the most talked about topics surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic is the release date. What they have said publically is Holiday 2011 which covers pretty much anything from October to the end of the year. I never expected a release date at E3, but for a while I've pinned my hopes on getting a release date at PAX Prime (AUG 26th - AUG 28th). The BioWare guys have shown an affection for PAX, even granting permission for one of the Penny Arcade writers write about his Beta experiences. BioWare has used PAX EAST and PAX PRIME for many of the major announcements about the game. Letting PAX be the show where the release date is revealed makes sense. PAX PRIME is about 10 weeks from the middle of November, which gives BioWare a nice ramp up window. I've sinced backed off that idea. I don't think we'll get a release date at PAX PRIME. I've been following the game for over a year now, and I

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I mentioned when I came back I wouldn’t be blogging exclusively about World of Warcraft. There’s another game that has my attention, and that game is Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). The game is currently in beta testing, but still under the NDA. That means that people in the beta can’t talk about it, other than to confirm there is a beta and they are in it. There is a beta. I ain’t in it. ( This is my sad face.) Here’s a quick introduction to SWTOR if you aren’t familiar with it. Basically, it’s BioWare plus MMO  plus Star Wars. From BioWare’s Dennis Dickenson “It's a spiritual sequel to the KotOR games and focuses heavily on bringing BioWare story into the MMO space. It features a highly polished and fluent evolution of traditional MMO combat systems. It has the bells and whistles of a modern MMO, it's faithful to the IP and universe it's set in and it features BioWare's signature features such as story, companions, etc." SWTOR has two factions: the Sit

What I Did on Summer Vacation

So what have I been up to for the last 6 months or so? I've continued playing World of Warcraft. When we last left our intrepid heroes, they were halfway through Tier 11 content and had just made the switch from Horde to Alliance. We were starting over on a new server. Essentially, we became a guild within a guild, something many predicted would happen when the perks were announced. We operate completely autonomously as a raid team. Nothing changed there. Our PVP players were able to join the Rated Battleground teams of the larger guild. I think the guild merger worked out well for all involved. We continued to make progress through Tier 11 but as we got closer to the end, the attendance problems continued to plague us. We lost many raid nights because our 11 man team couldn't field 10 raiders. We were frustrated, but we were hesitant to recruit. It takes a certain type of person to mesh well into Devolve, and Wich was concerned about getting too big. I had been leveling my


Is this thing still on? It’s been about a six month break. I enjoyed it. I can’t imagine many people still check this site. Maybe you’re getting this in a feed reader. Hello, again! I won’t be blogging soley about World of Warcraft. There are other games that have my attention. I’m going to talk about them, too. Hey, blogosphere! IT’S HAMMERTIME!!