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Heroic Intimidation

Time to Queue I was still well short of the gear needed to queue for End Time. I wasn't overly excited about using PvP, fearing it would be an instant kick from most groups, but now I had enough gear to try queuing for a regular Cataclysm Heroic. I have to admit I was more than a little intimidated by the idea. I know how groups in WoW can be, especially to someone who actually could use the gear that drops. I knew my DPS was going to be low, and I mentally prepared myself to be kicked out of the group. The queue came up and I got Heroic Deadmines. I had run it many times on my Warrior and Hunter. Never on my Paladin. This was in-progress group about to pull the big robot boss. The tank asked me to drive the robot. Well, at least no one would question my DPS. I did okay, no one died. The boss dropped a two handed mace. I was still using the axe you get for completing one of the chains in Earth Elemental zone. The Warrior tank asked if he could roll on it for his PvP set. I hi

Getting Accliminated

With my addons working I could post some of the crafting materials on the auction house. That helped both with the inventory space problem and hopefully will help me rebuild my coffers. Next up, I knew I needed to do some dailies. All These Buttons! The game can be intimidating for a returning player. I didn’t even remember what half my buttons did. I leveled as Retribution, and pretty much as soon as I hit 85, I stopped playing him. First thing I did was turn on verbose tooltips. Then I went through and looked at what each button did. My next thought was to go whack a target dummy. I was pretty terrible. My friend who sent me the Scroll directed me to This is a very nice resource for all classes and specs. At least now I knew what I was supposed to do. The first daily I did was the cooking daily which involved flying all over Orgrimmar and picking up crawfish. That was when I realized I hadn’t trained my cooking since Wrath. Oops. I had a couple of quests in my

Addon Issues

Filling up Void Storage helped with my inventory issues, but didn’t do anything for my gold issues. Before I used the free transfer to the Nessingwary server that came with my Scroll of Resurrection, I wanted to move some of my gold to my Paladin. That’s when I made the amazing discovery that I had already moved most of my gold to my Hunter who now Alliance and on another server. All that money I made when epic gems came out, and doing all those dailies (Shattered Sun I’m looking at you) was stuck on another server. I was sitting on less than 2000 gold. I needed to make some money. I had two options open to me, the auction house and dailies. Neither seemed like a great option. I was still stuck using the default UI. I had downloaded some addons, including auctionator, but none of them were working. The little Addons buttons was missing on the log in screen. I did a google search and found out all kinds of information about problems people had when they upgraded from WinXP to Wi

Coming Back to WoW

As I hinted at in my last post, I've returned to the lands of Azeroth. I'm still playing SWTOR, too, but when SWTOR announced it was going Free to Play in November, I decided I should check out what WoW was doing. SWTOR Free To Play I'm just not a fan of the Free to Play model, and I'm really confused by SWTOR's. You get the entire leveling game for free, levels 1-50 which gives you all the incredible class stories that BioWare made. What you have to pay for is Operations (raids), War Zones (battlegrounds), and Space missions (a very fun little mini-game). You also have to pay for extra characters slots, and bag/bank space. Essentially, I can pay for each class story I do, and that seems completely fair to me. It was when I started working on my Smuggler, and I noticed I was zoning out during some of the planet quests that I knew I was in trouble. The class quests are fantastic and unique for each class. You also have a planet quest line that every player of

Hey Azeroth!


Money, Money, Money

Gravity and Tobold were both discussing the recent sale of Tankspot, and that led to a discussion of monetizing or making money from Blogging. Tobold even has a standing offer that his blog could be bought for a measly sum of $100,000. You can see the details on his blog. Honors Code costs me absolutely nothing but the little time I take to write it. It’s gotten a little harder to find that time since I can’t blog at work any more, but I would still blog even if I didn’t have as many readers. I haven’t checked my numbers in a while but I get anywhere from 300 to 700 hits per day. The most popular page is still my Leveling Guide. Since Honors Code costs me nothing, it doesn’t make any sense to me to try to make money off my blog. I doubt anyone would pay for the content I produce, except for maybe the leveling guide. It got me wondering what my blog or account might be worth. Tobold put a price tag of $100,000 on his blog. I’m no where near as popular as Tobold, so I can’t be worth n