Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Addon Issues

Filling up Void Storage helped with my inventory issues, but didn’t do anything for my gold issues.

Before I used the free transfer to the Nessingwary server that came with my Scroll of Resurrection, I wanted to move some of my gold to my Paladin. That’s when I made the amazing discovery that I had already moved most of my gold to my Hunter who now Alliance and on another server.

All that money I made when epic gems came out, and doing all those dailies (Shattered Sun I’m looking at you) was stuck on another server. I was sitting on less than 2000 gold.

I needed to make some money. I had two options open to me, the auction house and dailies. Neither seemed like a great option.

I was still stuck using the default UI. I had downloaded some addons, including auctionator, but none of them were working. The little Addons buttons was missing on the log in screen. I did a google search and found out all kinds of information about problems people had when they upgraded from WinXP to Win 7. My game was a fresh install on Windows 7. There was also some advice about putting the game in a directory called C:\Public\Games which didn’t exist on my computer. I installed it on my E drive. I have two hard drives in my computer: a small one for Windows and system stuff, and a large one for pictures, music, writing, and games.

I was starting to think I needed to reinstall WoW, but then I came across a thread on the Customer Service forum. The Blizzard Customer Service representative talked about how the addons come as zip files and sometimes there’s an extra folder in the zip.

For instance, you unzip Recount and you wind up with a folder called Recountv3.1.6. If you put that folder in your Interface\Addons folder, the game doesn’t see it. Under Recountv3.1.6 is another folder called Recount. That has all the files for the actual addon, and that’s the folder you need to put in your Interface/Addons folder. Once I fixed all the folders for my addons, everything worked.

I didn’t go too crazy with addons because I don’t know how long I’m going to stay and even if I do, I’ll have to rebuild the UI for Mists.

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Tom Crawford said...


I recommend this, he has customized the default on from Lui but it is great for paladin tanks.