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Battle for Azeroth Plans (Alpha Build 26131)

By the Holy Light, did you see the new Zandalari Druid forms ? I echo Rossi's sentiment. I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything and I forgive the Horde for every horrible war crime they’ve ever committed or ever will commit for the chance to have one of these dudes.  Look at him. I am not 100% sure I’m capable of containing this much excitement and it’s probably a health hazard but I do not care. Most of the worst things the Horde has done were under the leadership of Garrosh. My Zandalari wouldn't have been party to that. I'm sure both factions will do terrible things in Battle for Azeroth because as one of the developers said at Blizzcon,the faction conflict is "the beating heart of Warcraft." While I don't agree with this sentiment, it's not going to change. For the Horde I discovered a major flaw in my original plan. I was going to level my Goblin Mage, Kishuf, from 100 to 110, unlock Nightborne/Highmountain, then level him to 120