Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Money, Money, Money

Gravity and Tobold were both discussing the recent sale of Tankspot, and that led to a discussion of monetizing or making money from Blogging. Tobold even has a standing offer that his blog could be bought for a measly sum of $100,000. You can see the details on his blog.
Honors Code costs me absolutely nothing but the little time I take to write it. It’s gotten a little harder to find that time since I can’t blog at work any more, but I would still blog even if I didn’t have as many readers. I haven’t checked my numbers in a while but I get anywhere from 300 to 700 hits per day. The most popular page is still my Leveling Guide. Since Honors Code costs me nothing, it doesn’t make any sense to me to try to make money off my blog. I doubt anyone would pay for the content I produce, except for maybe the leveling guide.
It got me wondering what my blog or account might be worth. Tobold put a price tag of $100,000 on his blog. I’m no where near as popular as Tobold, so I can’t be worth nearly as much. I’d offer Honors Code with all its archives for the low, low price of $25,000 (US). I’d even throw in the occasional article if you want.
Now what if somebody wanted Honorshammer? This is a toon I’ve worked on for the past 4 years. I ‘ve got mounts, pets, gear, and titles, some that can no longer be attained. I’ve taken to wearing Hand of A’dal instead of Kingslayer in PuGs. A couple of hundred bucks wouldn’t move the needle. I remember someone doing a blog post asking if he’d sell his character for $5,000 (US). Then I saw Ferraro make a Twitter post about be offered $4,000 (US) for her account. If someone offered me that kind of cash for Honors (plus my other three 80s, and all the alts, banks and mules), I’d have a really hard time turning that down.
Do we create value from the digital assets we create online. The very fact they are sold indicates we do, but I have serious doubts I’ll ever even reach the ‘coffee or two’ level of money making from my blog. I have and will continue to blog for you, my readers. May you continue to enjoy what you find within the pages of Honors Code. And if you really want the blog and/or my account, you only need to give me the (in)appropriate reasons to hand it over.

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