Monday, September 29, 2014

Ragnoros Revisited

We had intended to head back into the Heroics, but first our Warlock wanted to make his Firelands run. He has been running with a group through Firelands working on the Dragonwrath legendary. This would be the last run he needed to finish that up. I hadn't run with the group before but I was happy to tag along. I went Prot even though it probably wasn't completely necessary.

Firelands brought back some mixed memories for me. It was a fun place, but it was also a place where my old guild called it quits.

I was again reminded that I had switched to the Hunter for Cataclysm and the Avengers of Hyjal rep started coming in. I went from Neutral to Friendly pretty quickly. We were able to ignore the vast majority of the mechanics and blasted through the bosses in short order. My guild has stopped on Baleroc so this was the first time I had seen past him. When the fire bridge appeared after his death, I was immediately reminded of the bridge in SSC that leads to Vashj. Majordomo fell and one of the druids who had been running with the group for a while finally got her Firecat form staff so everyone was understandably excited for her.

We moved on and faced down the big guy himself, Ragnoros.

I went in and blasted away. My tank set is better than my Ret set but it’s still pretty weak at iLevel 502 and I had tremendous trouble keeping threat off the Rogue and Warlock in the group.

The encounter was going along fine. Ragnoros dropped his hammer and a moment later we were all dead. That was unexpected. Apparently, there as these adds called Scions that have to die or even a group of 90s will wipe.

So there was at least one mechanic we did indeed have to deal with.

The second time around I got to see him stand up which was pretty cool. We defeated him but the Warlock didn’t see his drop or whatever he needed for the staff. The rest of us hearthed out and I headed to the farm to keep working on "To Be a Master".

Then over vent the Warlock announces that he found the drop or whatever he needed and was headed to Stormwind. I flew back to the Shrine and portaled to the Stormwind in time to see the aftermath. It was pretty cool.

I had read on WoWInsider that the Thundering Hatchling pet was going away so while in Stormwind I picked it up. While I was on the vendor, I saw a mount called the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent. I've never been a huge fan of Cloud Serpents, and it was pretty expensive, but the mount collecting bug was in the air and I wasn't sure if it was going away too. I purchased it.

Mount #49, yay!

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