Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[WoW] Back in Blue

I took the plunge last week and formally transferred over to AoesRUs' guild. Honors is once again (and with any luck will forever more be) a dwarf.

A few short nights after my transfer, I saw they were going to run Hellfire Citadel and managed to snag an invite.

It was an interesting night. Apparently, one of their tanks was late so they asked if I could tank. They (and I guess I should start saying we) were on Mannoroth. I had DPSed the encounter twice with the Dirty Casuals. Their... err.. our... main tank, a warrior, talked me through it. First pull, I made a spectacular fail as a I taunted too early and got squished by the Glaive combo. Second attempt, I did better, but the first time I got knocked way back in Phase 3, I was supposed to dodge some orbs from Mannoroth and failed. That knocked me back again and off the platform. Luckily, the main tank was able to solo tank the rest of the fight and Mannoroth died. There was some discussion if we should go try Archimonde or clear the tier bosses for more set pieces. We opted for the tier bosses and went down to fight Sorcrethar. This one was pretty easy. The main tank took care of the robot and I took the soul and the Dominators. Before that night, I couldn't tell you the name of half of the abilities nor really how they worked. Now, I've got a much better handle. As DPS, its basically just get out of way, but as a tank, I really had to know each element and it stuck with me. It showed me again that I don't really learn encounters until I tank them.

By that point, their other tank, another Warrior, had gotten online and I went back to Ret. We managed to clear 11 of the 13 bosses, running out of time before we could get Tyrant. I did manage to snag the two pieces I needed to finish my 4 set. Both were off of bonus rolls as I didn't want to take any loot over their regulars.

After the raid, the main tank (and raid leader) told me he'd like me to maintain my tank spec in case I'm needed to fill in. I need to do two things mainly: gem/enchant my gear and do the valor grind for upgrades.

But then I started to question exactly how I should gem/enchant my gear. Noxxic indicated Versatility as the way to go, but Icy-Veins said Haste. I asked my old Paladin Yoda, Blizzard Watch Protection Paladin columnist, Rhidach, and he said Haste was the prevailing theory. Haste it is then.

I'd also love to find some Paladin specific tips and tricks for these bosses, but it seems my old standbys are gone. Tankspot is gone.  Maintankadin has very few posts and most of it is Legion speculation. Their guides haven't been updated in months.

Outside of raiding, I managed to get the Elder title from the Lunar Festival. I had never really been into seasonal events before, but this time around I'm trying to knock them out.

I'm also working on getting my alts to a point where they are making some gold out of their garrisons. My Beast Mastery Hunter, Theogrun, is already 100 with a Level 3 garrison, I need to get his follows leveled up and geared. My Elemental/Resto Shaman, Rophe, needs to get to 100. He's level 93 right now. My Fury Warrior, HonorsRage is still in the 80s and needs a new name.

The other problem is all of them are on different servers. I'd love to get them all together at some point but at this point, I'm not sure if it makes sense to move them just yet.


News, Nerds and Nefarion. said...

Hey. Personally I play a "greeny green leaf leaf druid"(Resto for the uninitiated) so not sure how much my opinion counts, but our guilds main tank runs mainly versatility on his stuff and we've very rarely had trouble with wipes. Of course i'm more than a little biased being the healer, but still.

Honors Code said...

Interesting. One thing I miss about places like Tankspot and Maintankadin would be the excellent discussions. I guess this kind of discussion has moved to Reddit.

Thank you for commenting. I value everyone's input and opinion.

Michael Green said...

I just read this so sorry if I'm necro'ing but Haste is the main stat I used. However I haven't played since early January after clearing through mythic Tyrant. As a rule of thumb I stayed away from Noxxic. They don't update their numbers regularly. Reddit is a good place to learn. Also the MMOC forums if you can stand the salt. After I got haste capped I started going after crit and mastery. Versatility is fine, but there just isn't enough of it on gear to make it your priority. However, like I said, haven't really played since January so things may have changed.